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telugu language importance

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Q: Importance of Telugu language in Telugu language?
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Importance of Telugu language?

Which language is older kannada or Telugu?


How can print Telugu words in python language?

in telugu

What is the importance of language?

we should give respect to our mother tongue Telugu. Telugu is one of the four languages in India. the mostly spoken language in India is Telugu. Telugu is an official language in Andrapradesh .The telugu script was derived from brahmi script of the mouryan empire. Telugu has been subjected or prolonged and given an enormous influence from sanskrit . it is one of the official languages of republic of India. it is widely spoken in Andra pradesh , maharashtra , orissa ,pondicherry , banglore , chennai etc .................................. by Ch. thanmayi from geetanjali iit olampiad school . branch : madinaguda

Which language is older Telugu or Hindi?

Telugu . Source : wikipedia .

Which language is more commonly spoken Tamil or Telugu?


When was the Telugu language born?

Around 500BC ( Before Christ) Satha vahanas used Telugu Language

The union government has recently granted classical language status to which language?

Telugu & Kannada Telugu & Kannada

What is the language of the words 'Jesuve saranam'?

It is a language from India called Telugu. It is a Dravidian language spoken by the Telugu in south-eastern India.

What is umbrella in Telugu?

Telugu is the major language of andhra pradesh. You say umbrella in telugu as 'godugu'.

If Kolupu in Tamil convert in Telugu language meaning?

kovvu in telugu

Which is the oldest language among Dravidian language?