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Well - lets see, your entire body is made up of about 70% water and your brain alone is 75% water mass and your body can only go three days without water before you die so -- the importance of drinking water is really up there.

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What is the importance of water harvesting for us?

they provide water for drinking they provide water for irrigation

Slogan for importance of drinking water?

The body is a machine fueled by water. Water is the fuel of life.

What is the importance of rivers and first civilizations?

The importance was it provided: a fresh drinking source, water for cooking and growing crops.

What is the importance of water in our lives?

Water is the most important resource on earth, and is used for drinking and cleaning and agriculture.

Importance of watershed?

Watershed is important as it supplies, drinking water and water for agriculture. This also provides habitat for animals and plant.

Is 1000 parts per billion of phosphate high for drinking water?

This concentration of phosphates (1 000 ppb = 1 ppm = 1 mg/L) is without importance for drinking water.

Importance of fresh water?

Fresh water is complicated , yet vital with over 70% of the world's population not having access to safe drinking water.

Where can get drinking water from?

you can get drinking water from a drinking fountain

Drinking water standard drinking water standard?

standard bromid in drinking water

What is the importance of water pollution?

Water pollution is an impairment for useful activities like: * sanitation * drinking * fishing * aquaculture * irrigation * ecosystem maintenance * aesthetic * sports

Why does Mae kidnap Winnie in Tuck Everlasting?

She does so that Winnie can learn the importance and why she needs to think about drinking the water from the spring before she does.

What is the importance of drinking clean water?

You must drink water to stay alive, but you are not required to drink pollution, disease, bugs, contaminates, poisonous metals, etc. than may be in unclean water.

What kind of water is suitable for drinking?

Water supplied or sold as "drinking water".

Definition of unclean drinking water?

Drinking water that is not clean

How do you say drinking water in German?

Drinking water = Trinkwasser

Is Gastroenteritis in your drinking water?

Yes. Gastoenteritis is in our drinking water.

Which water is fit for drinking?

hard water is fit for drinking

Importance of hydrology?

The study and application of hydrology is important because it is used for water management systems and for producing quality drinking water. Also, without this field of science, proper distribution of water will not be available.

How do you get ink water into pure drinking water?

pour ink water into pure drinking water.

What is a sentence on drinking water?

Most people were drinking beer but John was drinking water.

What is the report about gourmet drinking water?

What the heck. Gourmet drinking water I'm quite fin with normal drinking water. wierdo911

Where does most of your drinking water come from?

most of the drinking water come from the rain and puts it in the ground and that's where your drinking water come from

Where does colombia get their drinking water?

They Get their drinking water by underground and pump it out of the ground to get the water that is needed

What is drinking water?

Drinking water is water that is safe for a human to drink, it is said to be potable.

What is kosher drinking water?

There is no such thing as "kosher drinking water" as water is kosher by default.

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