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A Public limited company cannot survive without shareholders!

The amount invested is HUGE!! More than they could possibly invest by their own means.

If a lot of people invest in a company, it does improve the reputation and goodwill of the firm. Quite obviously... people wouldn't invest if they didn't think they'd get good returns!

However, too many shares being sold could lead to over capitalisation of the firm.

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Q: Importance of shareholders to a company?
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What are the importance of maximization of shareholders wealth?

When businesses maximize shareholders' wealth they are focusing on building the company. This is great for the long term goals of the organization.

Company is the property of shareholders?

The company is not always the property of the shareholders. The company is in part the property of the shareholders if it is a publicly traded company.

Importance of profit maximization for a public limited company?

to pay dividend to shareholders, for expansion, to give existing shareholder to reinvest into the business to attract new shareholders

How A company gets money from shareholders when?

How A company gets money from shareholders when?

What is shareholders?

Shareholders are the real owners of the company.

How a director is an agent of shareholders?

The shareholders are the owners of the company. The director, as an employee of the company, is therefore indirectly an employee/agent of the shareholders.

What is a payment made by a company to its shareholders called?

A payment made by a company to its shareholders is called a dividend.

What are shareholders of a company?

ownership of company is divided in shares{parts} and is given to public to subscribe and become shareholders{people who buy the shares of company are called shareholders}=owners. hope it helps you.. :)

Can a company director sue his own company?

yes, as the company is a legal entity, and it can be sued by the director if the shareholders of a company use the company as the alter ego of the shareholders.

Who decides who will manage the company?

All shareholders of the company.

Explain the relationship a CEO has to a company's shareholders?

i think that the CEO works for the shareholders.

The owners of a company are called?


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