Imports from China

Updated: 9/13/2023
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most of the stuff you buy is from china

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Q: Imports from China
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What is one cause of the US trade deficit?

.Increased imports from China.

What is major imports of China?

the major imports of china is silk

Where does the US get imports from?

the us gets their imports mostly from CHINA=and then CANADA=

What territory imports its food and drinking water from China?

The Macao territory imports its food and drinking water from China. This territory has insufficient resources and therefore depends on China's exports. .

What country imports to North Korea?


What are some of China's imports from Australia?


How did sushi get to America?

Imports from china in the 1800s

What are the major imports of China?

The major things imported by China are medical equipment, including optical equipment, machinery, metals, and cars. China spends about $1.8 trillion dollars per year on imports.

How much does china spend on imports?

10 million

From what country does China imports?

they import to mahfuz country

What are china's imports?

toys, heads and milk

What are imports from China exports?

It's what is recived in the states