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Lord of the Flies represent the sows head on a stick which is thrown by jack in the glade where Simon sits. nature,at first he thought nature was very good ....... but then when he saw the sows head nature betrayed him the flies were buzzing around the sows head so the lord is te sows ead which are buzzing around him.

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The Lord of the Flies is an ancient name associated with Beelzebub, who is also identified with Satan, The Devil. However in the book Golding implies that evil is not an outside force, it is not a demon or an unknown creature, it is simply a capacity to do wrong which exists within us all. It is the 'darkness in man's heart' the realisation of which reduced Ralph to tears at the end of the book. The pig's head was not the beast, it was simply an offering to the beast. However in essence making a gift to the beast symbolised Jack's giving of himself over to the evil within. He had stopped pretending to be a schoolboy and had willingly become a savage. Many people seem to assume that the fly covered pig's head is 'the Lord of the Flies' because it engages Simon is a conversation. Simon however actually said 'Pig's head on a stick.' He knew it wasn't speaking to him. It was simply part of an epileptic episode which he was experiencing. Simon's 'conversation' took place inside his own mind. He was talking to the evil within which he had earlier theorised existed. At a meeting he had said, "Maybe there is a beast... maybe it is just us." Ralph was disturbed by the sight of the pig's skull on the stick and punched it, knocking it to the ground. On a subconscious level he simply knew that it was 'wrong.' He had no knowledge of how the pig's skull came to be there but instinctively knew that the object and the implications behind it being there were offensive to common decency.

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The 'Lord of the Flies can be seen the represent many things. In short, it is the literal translation of "Beelzebub", commonly referred to as the devil's 'right-hand man'. The flies which are seen to be orbiting the Pig's head are often said to be a representation of Jack's tribe, and are therefore worshiping the Devil.

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Q: In 'lord of the flies' what is the representation of the lord of the flies?
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What is a physical representation of Ralph from Lord of the Flies?

Dumbledore dies

In the book 'lord of the flies' what is the representation of the lord of the flies?

Golding, the author, refers to a dead pig's head which has been stuck on a spike as the symbolic "Lord of the Flies." It also represents the evil in everyone.

How is imagery used in Lord of the Flies?

an example of the use of imagery in Lord of the Flies is "He was gesticulating, searching for a formula" (Golding p156), since imagery is representation through senses, such as kinesthetic

What does roger represent in the Lord of the Flies?

Roger is meant to be the embodiment of evil, the real beast in a way, as he is the representation of "the darkness in man's heart".

How is Simon from lord of the flies?

How is Simon from lord of the flies?

When was Lord of the Flies created?

Lord of the Flies was created on 1954-09-17.

What does the lord pf the flies signify in the Lord of the Flies?

Learn english.

What is the genre of the book Lord of the Flies?

Lord of the Flies is classified as fiction.

In lord of the flies who or what is the lord of the flies?

The lord of the flies is the head of the pig that Jack and his 'tribe' killed, they left it on a stake as an offering to the beast (ie)

What would happen in chapter 13 of Lord of the Flies?

There is no chapter 13 in The Lord of the Flies. The last chapter in the Lord of the Flies is chapter 12.

Who was the Lord of the Flies in lord of flies?

It is the pig's head cut off by jack, transformed from a loving pig to a creepy horror. The flies were buzzing around the head, making the pigs head the Lord of the Flies. In other interpretations, Jack is considered to be the Lord of the Flies. The beast is also thought to be the Lord of the Flies.

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