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Q: In 1858 US president James Buchanan and queen Victoria were among the first to exchange a transatlantic greeting using what means of communication?
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In 1858 us president James Buchanan and queen Victoria were among the first to exchangea transatlantic greeting using what means ofcommunication?

The Transatlantic Telegraph

Which President did Queen Victoria transmits the first telegraphed message over the transatlantic cable?

President James Buchanan on August 16, 1858.

Was there advantages to the Transatlantic cable?

The advantage of the transatlantic cable was that it took less time to transmit messages. In 1866 a voyage across the Atlantic could take months, so sending letters and getting answers could take over months. the transatlantic cable could transmit 1 word every 10 min which was a great improvement in communication devices the first message sent with the transatlantic cable was from Queen Victoria to president James Buchanan and it took 16h30min to transmit a 99 word message.

1st president to receive a transcontinental telegram?

President James Buchanan. It was sent by Queen Victoria in 1858

Who was the first president to receive an international telegram?

James Buchanan. He received one from Queen Victoria in 1858. He was at his summer Whitehouse in Pennsylvania.

First transatlantic passenger ship?

While there had been cruise liners for several years, transatlantic crossings with strictly passengers did not begin until about 1901. It was the German ship Prinzessin Victoria Luise that was first.

What has the author Meriel Buchanan written?

Meriel Buchanan has written: 'Queen Victoria's relations' 'Diplomacy and foreign courts' 'Petrograd, the city of trouble, 1914-1918'

Is their a president that was a women?

Victoria Chaflin.

Who was the president when Victoria became queen of England?

Queen Victoria was never Queen of England. President of what - Bootle Golf Club?

Which president passed the Oregon treaty of 1846?

The treaty was negotiated by U.S. Secretary of State James Buchanan, who later became President (1857), and Richard Pakenham, British envoy to the United States and member of the Privy Council of the United Kingdom for Queen Victoria. The treaty was signed on June 15, 1846.

Who was the first women to run for president?

Victoria woodhull

1st women to run for president?

Victoria Claflin

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