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He called it the final solution or "the Holocaust"

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How did Hitler become interested in killing Jews?

A few methods were shown to Hitler as to how the Jews could be killed, when he saw that it was possible, he became interested in killing all of them.

Why were Natzi's killing people?

there are many reasons but when Hitler became chancellor of Germany he was feeling angry because his artwork in his school in Austria was turned down by a Jewish teacher.Thats one reason

How long was Hitler in the procces of killing all Jew's?

from the time he became chancellor to his death.

Was Adolf Hitler half Jewish?

It is believed that Hitler's grandmother became pregnant after sex with Hitler's illegitimate father by a member of the Jewish family she was working as a servant for. This would make Adolph Hitler one quarter Jewish. Hitler later passed laws that German women were not allowed to work within Jewish homes.

What was Hitler thinking when he did this to the Jews?

Hitler was thinking that Germany or Europe was being over populated by the Jewish people. So he became ruler and killed most of the Jews.

What was the Jewish population of Germany when Hitler became Chancellor?

In 1933, the Jewish population in Germany was 565,000 Jews. Far larger were the Jewish populations in Poland and the Soviet Union with 3.0 million and 2.5 million respectively.

What does 'The Holocaust is that period of Jewish oppresion that lasted from Hitler's becoming the Chancellor of Germany until the end of World War 2' mean?

It means that the Holocaust refers to the time period when Hitler was in charge, and was killing and torturing Jews. It lasted from the time Hitler became in charge, until the time that everyone stopped fighting and the war ended. :)

Hitler became Fuhrer?

Hitler became Fuhrer of Germany on 2 August 1934.

Year that Hitler became leader of Germany?

Hitler became the chancellor of Germany in 1933

Who was the Jewish engineer behind the design of the beetle?

There was none. The Volkswagen Beetle was designed by Ferdinand Porsche, an acquaintance of Hitler who became an SS officer. The Beetle included some elements based on cars designed by Hans Ledwinka, who also was a personal acquaintance of Hitler and clearly not Jewish.

Did Hitler hate all religions?

No. It was believed that Hilter's father was a jew, but was a drunk and eventually left Hitler and his mother. That is what supposively caused his hates for jews. Hitler's mother and father were Jewish. But he became agnostic.

What is the meaning of the boy in the striped pajamas?

... its bout 2 lil German and Jewish boy who became really good frends. Hitler being the leader of the Germany and turning them against the innocent Jewish people

When did Adolf Hitler became Chancellor of this country?

Hitler became Chancellor of Germany in January 1933.

What country became a Jewish state in 1920?

There is no country that became a Jewish state in 1920.

Adolf Hitler became this in 1933 in Germany?

In January 1933, Adolf Hitler became the Chancellor of Germany.

Why was Hitler so crazy?

Hitler was convinced of his on importance. and believed in his on greatness, since childhood. Mentally unstable to begin with,his illness only became greater with age and power. sepeculation hitler may also have contracted syphills. Also he hated the fact that he himself was part jewish.

How old was Hitler when he became chancellor of Germany?

Adolf Hitler was 43 years old when he became chancellor of Germany.

What was Hitler before he became Chancellor?

Hitler was just the leader of the NSDAP (Nazi party) until he became chancellor.

How old was Adolf Hitler when he became the leader of nazi?

Adolf Hitler was 32 when he became the leader of the Nazi Party.

How did Hitler view potential threats?

Adolf Hitler would eliminate potential threats to him personally. He assembled an army that succeeded in destroying a race that was a potential threat to Germany's economy (Jewish). And when the Allies became a threat to him, he went to war.

When did Adolf Hitler become king?

Hitler never became king, he became the chancellor of Germany on 30 January 1933.

What year did Hitler become prime mister?

Hitler never became prime minister he became the Chancellor of Germany in 1933

What is the biggest war in history?

WW2. Let me add that because World War 2 was the biggest, is simply because Hitler was a very powerful man in that time. He hated the Jewish culture's, he became a dictator and ruled over Germany killing many Jewish people for what the believe in. The Americans(along with our allies) couldn't take the horror and sent many soldiers to take out Hitler. Many years fighting the war cause Hitler to realize that this war will not be won, he and his wife, Eva Braun, comitted suicide. Though there are many theories on how Hitler died, people have now decided that the cause of his death was a gunshot to the head on Monday, 30 April 1945 in his Führerbunker in Berlin.

Why did Adolf Hitler become so mean?

Did you ever see that episode of "The Twilight Zone" in which they went back in time and tried to kill Hitler (as a baby, of course), but ended up killing his adopted-brother? His parents adopted Hitler after their REAL son died (because they killed him). His parents didn't raise Hitler like a normal son. They treated him differently because he was adopted. That's how he got so mean. (I think it was all the BEER!) -Mariakanellis13- that is not what happened...that show is so fake and not real. um He became mean because he always loved painting and he was rejected by a jewish painter thing so he started hating jewish people

On the day Hitler became Chancellor who said Hitler would bring immeasurable ruin on Germany?

On the day Hitler became Chancellor George Washington said Hitler would bring "immeasurable ruin on Germany"

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