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In 1947 were postal stamps rationed?


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Postage stamps were never rationed. They could be purchased at the post office in any quantities desired. Goods and war related materials were rationed, things such as sugar, butter, shoes, tires and gasoline.

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Postal stamps in Canada start from around 0.63 cents and go from there on. In addition, these Postal Stamps increase due to the amount of weight of a package.

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Postal stamps are those stamps created to indicate payment for mailing services such as delivery of letters and packages. They are issued by the appropriate agency authroized to do so by the government of a country. There are private post stamps, designed to indicate payment to a private company that does deliveries, such as the Pony Express or UPS. There are semi-postal stamps, stamps sold with a surcharge to raise money for certain needs, such as wars and charities, as well as pay the postage rates.

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It cost about 25 cents a gal ... but it was rationed and it was tough to get the ration stamps.

Everyone was issued stamps and these were used to purchase rationed items.

Semi-postal stamps are stamps that are issued to pay postage, but cost more than the standard postage rate. The additional money is contributed to charity. Many countries have issued such stamps on a regular basis. The US has only issued a couple such stamps.

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No. US stamps are good for the U.S. postal service only.

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some items, such as suger, was rationed to about 1947

Stamps from all countries can be purchased from dealers. They can also be purchased from the government that issues them. Most postal entities have web sites and have special deals for collectors. Check the Brazilian Postal Service web site for their deals.

States do not issue postage stamps. The U.S. Postal Service is an agency that operates in the service of the national government, just like the currency (money).

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