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Q: In 1973 a cease fire was negotiated in the vietnam war?
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When did the cease fire occur during Vietnam?

The cease-fire agreement in Vietnam, known as the Paris Peace Accords, was signed on January 27, 1973. This agreement officially ended direct U.S. military involvement in the Vietnam War.

Did the cease fire agreenment signed by the United states complely ended all hostility in Vietnam?

In 1973 a cease-fire was signed between these two nations. However, due to the American army's full leave, Vietnam did not take the pact seriously.

Who Ended the Vietnam War with a negotiated peace?

Richard Nixon is responsible for calling a cease-fire to end US bombing of North Vietnam. Shortly thereafter, all of the other actors in the war agreed to the cease-fire.

When did North Vietnam sign the cease fire with South Vietnam?


After the cease-fire the us continued to send to south Vietnam?

After the cease-fire, the United States continued to send military and economic aid to South Vietnam.

What were the terms in the cease fire in Vietnam?

Return our POWs and we'll leave.

What was the cease fire agreement in 1973?

a cease fire agreement is putting a hold on the war with whatever country you were having it with; like a peace thing but not exactly

What year did America get out of the Vietnam war?

The cease-fire agreement was signed in Paris in January of 1973. On March 29th, 1973, the last of the remaining U.S. troops leave Vietnam. On April 29th, 1975, the American Ambassador and the last Americans leave Vietnam.

When did the first release of American prisoners of war from the Vietnam war take place?

1973; one of Nixon's 3 phases of withdrawal: We'll cease fire, get our POW's back, then leave the country.

When was the cease fire agreement signed?

July 27 1973... You're welcome..

Did the cease fire agreement signed by the United States completely end all hostility in Vietnam?

No it did not.

What president signed a cease-fire ending the Vietnam conflict?

President Richard M. Nixon