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A Modest Proposal

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To what real-world problem from Swift's time is the narrator referring

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Q: In A Modest Proposal by Jonathan Swift what could swift hope to accomplish by offering such an outrageous proposal?
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When offering a proposal regarding ad what should be the applicable term's advertising or advertisement?

Advertisement would be correct.

What is the meaning of proposal?

1.the or offering or suggesting something for acceptance,adoption or performance. 2.a plan or scheme proposed offer or suggestion of marriage

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The duties of a proposal secretary are quite diverse but almost similar to other senior secretaries. The duties being part of the board meeting, offering professional and legal advice to the organization and coming up with ways of implementing policies and so much more.

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The word 'offer' is an abstract noun, a word for a suggestion, a proposal, a bid, a recommendation; a word for a concept. The abstract noun form of the verb to offer is the gerund, offering.

Burnt offering grain offering peace offering sin offering guilt offering and fellowship offering?

our mother

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What is the definition of proposal?

The word proposal is defined as:something (such as a plan or suggestion) that is presented to a person, institution, and/or group of people to considerthe act of presenting a plan, suggestion, etc., to a person or group of people, or an institution.the act of asking (or offering) someone to marry with.a scientific research or national economic/social/medical treatment plan

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Um i'm new here so hello there i'll answer the question ANSWER: Burnt Offering,Meat Offering,Peace Offering,Sin Offering and Trespass Offering

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With this offering, I shall reply with this answer.

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yes it is because offering is a action

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"offering corporation" means a corporation that is offering its securities to the public within the meaning of subsection and that is not the subject of an order of the Commission deeming it to have ceased to be offering its securities to the public

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the offering of jealousy