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Q: In Alabama how can a seller recover a court ordered balance if the vehicle is totaled and the buyer has no money and is not willing to make payments?
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How do you recover uncollected child support payments?

Keep the claim active with child support enforcement

How does one recover service from an Internet provider?

"In order to recover service from an internet provider, you will need to contact them. You may need to pay a new setup fee, as well as any back-due payments."

Should the cash flow be equal to difference between opening and closing balance?

Cash flow should be more than its opening & closing balance so that it can recover its debts easily

If your house was not reaffirmed before your ch 7 was dismissed does your mortgage company have the right not to show on your credit reprt that you have a house and are making payments?

Yes. Failure to reaffirm means that you cannot be sued to recover a deficiency. You can still make the payments.

Do you have an opportunity to make good on the payments and recover the vehicle in California once a car has been repossessed?

YES, you should get a notice from the lender outlining what ya need to do.

What is a foreclosure property?

Foreclosure is a specific legal process in which a lender attempts to recover the balance of a loan from a borrower who has stopped making payments to the lender by forcing the sale of the asset used as the collateral for the loan. The foreclosure process as applied to residential mortgage loans is a bank or other secured creditor selling or repossessing a parcel of real property

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In California, each county has a district attorney's office which collects child support payments (both current and arrears) from the non-custodial parent free of charge. These offices are funded through tax dollars, not incentive payments or grant monies.

What are your rights when you repossess a vehicle that was in default and the person wants to sue you for moneys she has already paid but you won't be able to sell it for the balance owed?

Law on this subject will vary from state to state, so you should see a local attorney. In most jurisdictions, the owner cannot sue to recover the payments they made. If the lender follows proper legal procedure, the lender should be able to sell the vehicle at a public auction, apply the proceeds to the loan balance and then sue the borrower for the deficiency.

How can one recover a suspended ATTYahoo account?

When an AT&T Yahoo! account is suspended, the recover method depends on the reason for the suspension. In most cases, the suspension is because of an unpaid bill or outstanding balance, in which case sending payment in full will restore the account.

Can a creditor sue you for a deficiency balance in the State of Oregon?

Yes. The lender can sue you also for fees, costs, and penalties incurred in the attempt to recover the debt.

What initiatives did William Howard Taft use as governor of the Philippines to help the island recover from rebellion?

he extended limited self rule and ordered construction of schools roads and bridges

Can lender sale car repo without knoledge in tn?

If you have failed to make payments on time and they repossess the car then you have no legal claim to the car. They can sale their car when and how they choose to recover their investment.

What are your rights in the state of Virginia with repossession?

if you are not up to date with your payments the vehicle is no longer yours and you have no legal right to it.Addendum:Technically, until your final payment and release of the lien, you do not own the vehicle at all. And, if you fall delinquent by a single day, likely per the contract, the full balance of the debt is due. The lender only repossesses the vehicle to deny you free use, AND to attempt to recover something.You have a right to notification of repossession. You have a right to recover your personal property from the vehicle, provided you pay first all applicable storoage fees. Otherwise you are only entitled to the inventory list. You have a right to know the final disposition of the vehicle and the remaining balance owed.

Is it legal to repo cars in Texas?

Yes. They just can not garnish your wages for any monies owed afterwards. There are a number of other ways they can recover the balance however.

If you obtained a car loan for 16K and after 39 of 60 payments a total of 17K was paid and the car was reposessed are you obligated to pay future interest on the loan since the 16K was satisfied?

You may have paid a total of $17K but not all that money was applied to the principle so you have not paid off the loan yet. Lender will most likely sell car at auction to recover some of their losses and then you will be responsible for balance that is left. If you don't pay they will either write it off and ding your credit rating or sue you for the balance. QED.

How do you write a sentence using the word recover?

Recover has multiple meanings. Recover - to get something back. The police may recover a lost wallet. Recover - to get well. You should recover from your illness in 2 weeks.

Does Medicaid have rights to a property?

For persons over age 65 and nursing home residents, the state may file a lien on real property and an estate claim to recover payments made by Medicaid.

Can you repossess a vehicle for nonpayment if it has a lien?

Only if you are the holder of the loan, or a court has ordered the surrender of the vehilce to you. As a simple lien holder, you can only block the transfer of the title and possibly recover from the sale of the vehicle.

What are your rights as a consumer in the US as related to repossessions?

* You have the right to possess any vehicle you do make payments on or have paid for. * You have the right to retain possession of said vehicle provided you continue to make contracted payments toward the unpaid balance of the principle. * You have the right to have your vehicle repossessed if you fall delinquent on your vehicle payments to the contracted lender. * If your vehicle is repossessed, you have the right to recover any actual private property that was in the vehicle at the time of repossession. * You have the right to pay fees for recovering your property that was in the vehicle at the time of repossession. * You have the right to pay all unpaid balances and fees accrued as a result of the repossession process. That's about sums it up. I confess I did substitute "right" for "responsibility" in several places.

How do you use the word recover in a sentence?

I will recover from this setback.The team worked to recover the car from the river.

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how do you recover from herion

If a man bought a car a year before he was married can it be taken if he gets a divorce?

No. What a person comes into the divorce with is his/hers. Unless, you invested in the car or made payments. With that you might be able to recover some of the cost.

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