In America is circumcision necessary?

Circumcision is not necessary anywhere. the original reason for circumcision is a religious/ cultural one and is in fact harmful to the person that has had it done to them. Circumcision for so called medical reasons was introduced into English speaking cultures in the mid 1800s. It was claimed by the British medics that masturbation was the cause of over a hundred different diseases ranging from syphilis to blindness and insanity and that circumcision would desensitise the penis and thereby reduce the incidence of masturbation. to make a long story short the practice persisted in the US fro the longest time and is diminishing now. However there is still a lot of sly misinformation presented to the public by a medical profession that is making a lot of money from the practice and as a result of damage done as a result. To sum up between 15 and 20% of the world men are circumcised and most of these are done for religious and cultural reasons. there is no reason why any male should be circumcised. as a mater of fact it is male genital mutilation nothing more.