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it take at least 30 days after your hearing is heard for the judges to get everything filed for state records.

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Q: In Arkansas after a divorce has been dismissed how long do you have to wait to refile for divorce?
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When a criminal case has been dismissed in the state of Michigan how long do the courts have to refile?

Not enough information. Was it dismissed WITH prejudice, or WITHOUT prejudice?

What is the time frame you can refile a case once its been dismissed without prejudice?

10 days

Can a chapter 13 bankruptcy that has been dismissed be discharged?

No, once a bankruptcy is dismissed it has to be refiled after the time limit has expired. The time limit to refile after a chapter 13 dismissal is two years.

What is the statute of limitations for a foreclosure judgment in Florida?

I want to know what is the time frame to refile a foreclosure after been dismissed voluntary by the plaintiff

Can you refile chapter 13 bankruptcy under the new bankruptcy law after your case was dismissed to avoid foreclosure?

A chapter 13 can be filed if it has been at least two years from the date the first filing was dismissed.

What does dismissal without leave mean?

Dismissal without leave mean is a legal term which mean that the suit has been completely dismissed. There is not option to refile the complaint or amend it.

What is the statute of limitations for settling a divorce in Florida?

Settlements don't have statutes of limitations. Statutes of limitation tell you how long you have to FILE a lawsuit after you have the right to file it. If you file a divorce case in Florida, your case can be dismissed if you don't file anything in the court file for a year. It is not dismissed until either (1) the Petitioner files a Notice of Dismissal or (2) the judge orders it dismissed because nothing has been filed.

If you get divorced in Texas and remarry in Arkansas in less than 30 days after divorce is it legal?

Probably not, but in any event it would be stupid. Yes it is. You may marry immediately after you have been granted a divorce if you so wish

Can dismissed charges be removed from records?

Dismissed charges are charges that have been dismissed by the state or government. These charges can be removed from your record.

Can charges that have been dismissed be refiled?

If it was dismissed without prejudice then yes, they can be refiled. If the charges were dismissed with prejudice then it cannot be refiled.

What happens when a company brings you to court for owing money and they dont show and case is dismissed what happens next?

You need to ask the court to issue a dismissal order, with prejudice. If the case is dismissed without an order at all, the other side can ask that the case be reinstated, with prejudice means that they filed the case for the purposes of harassment and cannot refile it again for any reason. Caveat; you could still ask that the case be dismissed for failure to timely prosecute the case and that the case is brought solely for the purposes of harassment to injure your credit, plus the fact that the case has already been tried and dismissed.

If bankruptcy has been dismissed can you file again?

If bankruptcy has been dismissed it is possible to file again. The trustee will require an explanation of why the first case was dismissed before accepting a new bankruptcy case.

Can you search divorce records for free?

Yes. You can visit the court and look up names in the index. You should check the index at the court where the action was filed. As you explained your situation on the discussion page, "you have never signed divorce papers". Not signing divorce papers doesn't halt a divorce. Your case may have been dismissed for lack of further action. The divorce may have been granted if you failed to appear or were unable to be notified by mail. A quick check in the court index will reveal the disposition of the case.

How long has Little Rock Arkansas been a capital?

Little Rock has been Arkansas's capital city since 1821 when it replaced Arkansas Post as the capital of the Territory of Arkansas.

Does the state of Arkansas have to pay you if your case has been reversed and dismissed?

No - but you could attempt to bring suit against the stae for wrongful prosecution. Consult wih an attorney to determine your options.ALSO: HOW was the case "dismissed?" WITH prejudice or WITHOUT prejudice. It makes a big difference.

What is the difference in a dismissed or closed case?

A dismissed case is one that has been dismissed by court order or one of the parties and it often means the case had no triable issues. A closed case is one where all legal matters have been resolved.

Can a court case get dismissed in Canada if it has been over two years?

yes if certain criteria is met then it can be dismissed.

Can you get a DUI dismissed?

yes. if you can make at least one person in the jury believe that you may not have been drunk then yes it can get dismissed.

How long has Arkansas been a state?

Arkansas will turn 177 in 2013.

Can a wife file for an uncontested divorce without her husband's signature in Arkansas when they have been separated for 2 full years?

No.She can file a divorce petition, whether or not it will be uncontested depends upon what action her husband chooses to take. Uncontested means the served party agrees to all the terms of the divorce petition and agrees to have the marriage dissolved.

Dismissed as moot?

A moot question is one which has not been decided. (i.e.- If you ask a question which has already been asked by someone else - but to which there is not yet an answer, then YOUR question can be dismissed as 'moot' because it redundant (has already been asked).)

How do you remove an automatic stay after the bankruptcy has been dismissed?

The automatic stay is more a term of art. If a case has truly been dismissed and you can verify this online, then the automatic stay was also terminated at that time. Nothing needs to be filed or done on your part. Verify that it was dismissed though.

Are there coyotes in Arkansas?

Coyotes are now in almost every county in Arkansas. They have only been in Arkansas a short amount of time.

What does it mean when a judge signs divorce papers?

It means the decree has been entered and the divorce has been granted.

Is there an Arkansas fact that starts with an X?

# X-rays were not invented in Arkansas. # Xylophones were not invented in Arkansas. # X-ray technology is used in Arkansas. # Xylophones have been played in Arkansas.