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yes but you need a licence and you can only get an oblong turtle or a flat shell I've been told im looking to buy a turtle aswell

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Q: In Australia WA are pet turtles allowed as pets?
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Is it legal to keep a red fox as a pet in Gold Coast Australia?

It is my understanding that foxes are not allowed as pets anywhere in Australia.

Is turtles pet animals?

Yes certain species of turtles are pets.

Are box turtles pets?

pretty sure they are. google pet box turtles images

What pets do they have in Australia?

Australia has the usual cats, dogs, mice, horses, guinea-pigs and a variety of pet birds and fish. In some states, rabbits are allowed as pets, but not in all states. Ferrets are also allowed in Tasmania. Australians are not permitted to have native animals as pets, except if they have special carers' licences. There are no hamsters in Australia.

Do you take pet turtles to a vet?

Yes, like all pets.

prices, are small pet allowed?

prices, and are small pets allowed

Where can one purchase pet turtles in Halifax?

There are two pet stores in Halifax which may sell pet turtles, Pets Unlimited and Pet Valu. It states on the website for Pets Unlimited that they deal in reptiles, they would be a good bet if someone was looking for a turtle.

Were any of the Ramones buried in a Pet Sematary?

No. Only pets are allowed in pet cemeteries!

Can you keep a squirrels for a pet?

No, we're not allowed pets in this flat.

Do you need a licence to keep turtles as a pet in the UK?

No - at this moment in time, you do not need a licence to keep turtles in the UK as pets.

Do sea turtles make good pets?

No. Sea turtles are endangered animals protected by the law and it is illegal to have one as a pet.

Can you get a pet tortoise in Australia is it at all possible?

No. There are no true tortoises of any kind in Australia so it is not possible to have a pet tortoise. Many people have pet turtles.

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