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The person backing out due to the other car having the right-of-way.

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Q: In California if a car backing out of a parking spot hits a forward coming car who is at fault?
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If you are backing out of a parking spot and the person beside you is coming forward and turning left out of theirs and you collide who is at fault?

In most cases parking lots are private property and are not subject to street laws. Therefore, no insurance company will assume liability.

You was backing out of a parking spot and the other vehicle was coming from your left and hit your left side of the car who is at fault?

The person driving in a forward direction has the right of way. If you are backing up, you must wait until traffic is clear before moving. Similar to a rear-ender, when the person hitting someone in front of them is always at fault.

Who is at fault I was backing out of a parking spot was hit by a car coming around the corner I have no damage their right side fender was dented whose at fault?

Most defintley his fault, you were backing out, he should have saw you first.

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Who is at fault in a parking lot accident where one car was coming into the parking lot and then hit from the side by another car?

Its the person that hit the car coming in to the parking lot because probably the bad car was speeding. :)

Another vehicle reversed out of a parking space into the side of my car as i was passing who is at fault?

it is the person coming out of the parking space

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Who is at fault when there is someone pulling out of a parallel parking spot and a car coming from behind hit each other?

Backing up or entering a lane of traffic is always determined to be the cause of an accident. Drivers in those situations are required to yield to approaching traffic.

Who is at fault if a car backing up to parallel park without signaling and backs into another coming causing little or no damage?

Assuming that the car hit was stopped when the other car was backing up, the one backing will be at fault. If there is no damage, or if it is below a certain threshold it may not even count as a collision.

Do you signal when coming out of a parking spot?

no you hit other cars passing by

What if two cars backing out of a parking spot and a vehicle coming from your right backs out the two cars collide right rear bumper to right rear bumper who is at fault?

Both partys are at fault and each party will need to file there vehicle under there own insurance. Parking lot accidents are always share fault unless one of the vehicle was parked, but since both vehicles were backing out at the same time, both partys are at fault unless you get a kind person to admit it was there fault.

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Who is at fault when a person backing out of a parking spot backs into another car going the wrong way in a one-way parking lot?

Both of you are at fault to a degree. Depending on who primarily had the right of way, which in this case sounds like the person not in his or her parking space their insurance will actually be responsible for any damages that resulted. We are disputing this situation now. The insurance company says it was both parties fault. My question is, If I am traveling the interstate in the wrong direction and hit someone is it partialy their fault because they should have seen me coming? Wrong way mean "WRONG". I went through this exact thing, when a snowplow went up the wrong way in a marked one-way part of the parking lot row and hit my car as I was backing out. I thought for sure he would be held responsible. I wasn't expecting a truck from that direction. In the end, I was found to be at fault for backing out into him.

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Can you be responsible while backing up in a parking lot?

Yes, you do not have the right of way to a car coming down the aisle, it is your responsibility to look for cars. Now if your almost all the way out and changing into drive from reverse and a car hurtles down and smashes into you then I am not sure whose fault it would be.

Do I need to stop when pulling out of a parking lot If there are clearly no cars coming in either direction?

You should always stop when pulling out of a parking lot onto a road. There may be a car coming fast in one direction as you look in another.

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Do you have to stop when entering a road from a parking lot when there is no stop sign?

nope unless there is a car coming!

You turned right out of a parking lot blinker on and a car pulled up on your right next to you and hit your car Who is at fault?

Generally speaking, you can not pull out of a parking lot into on coming traffic. The on coming traffic most always will have the right away, regardless of your blinker!