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In most cases parking lots are private property and are not subject to street laws. Therefore, no insurance company will assume liability.

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Q: If you are backing out of a parking spot and the person beside you is coming forward and turning left out of theirs and you collide who is at fault?
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The disadvantage of backing and turning?

1. You have a much bigger blind spot in back of your vehicle even when backing straight. 2. When turning you have limited visibility of what is around the corner you are backing in to. 3. It's more difficult to keep control of your vehicle when backing than when going forward.

Whose at fault when your backing out of a parking spot and then a car hits you?

You are simply because you have more responsibility when backing up to make sure it it clear.I found this out when backing out of driveway(mine) and someone turning in hit me.The insurance paid (we both had the same company) but cancelled my insurance.Alfa

How do you replace right rear brake light on 1999 Ford Explorer when turn signals and parking lights work.?

you have to replace the parking light bold because is the same as the brake light so just replace the light bold I think is the middle one between turning light and backing light. you have to replace the parking light bold because is the same as the brake light so just replace the light bold I think is the middle one between turning light and backing light.

Do you reverse when leavingdowhill parking?

This is completely dependent on the space you parked in and the cars around you. OPTIONAL: If the hill is steep you will need to make sure that your car does not roll forward unintentionally by... 1. Applying pressure on the brake with your left foot if your car has an automatic transmission. 2. Applying brake pressure with the emergency brake if you car has a manual transmission. For parallel parking... 1. If there is a car in front of you but not behind you, reverse to a point where you can safely pull forward out of the parking spot without hitting the car in front of you, turn the wheels so they point into the street, and then pull forward out of the parking spot. 2. If there is a car behind you but not in front of you, pull forward out of the parking spot. 3. If there is a car both behind and in front of you, reverse as much as you can without hitting the car behind you, turn the wheels so they point into the street, and then pull forward making sure you have enough room not to hit the car in front of you. If you can not get around the car in front of you continue by turning the wheel of your car towards the curb, reversing as far as you safely can without hitting something, turning the wheel back towards the street, and then pulling forward to leave the parking space. Repeat as many times as is necessary. For standard or diagonal parking... 1. Pull out of the spot the only way that is not obstructed by a parking block, curb, or another vehicle.

How do you adjust the emergency or parking break on a 2006 Kia Spectra?

You can adjust your parking brake by turning the parking brake adjustment bolt. The parking brake adjustment bolt is located on the parking brake pad assembly.

Why do your headlights pop up when turning on your parking lights?

They don't

What is the act of turning the palm forward?


What does turning the palm forward mean?


Why does Parking brake light go on when turning and applying brake?

Faulty or over sensitive parking brake switch or sensor.,

Is backing a car out of a garage a chemical reaction?

yes! the liquid is turning into a gas whenever you move the vehicle.....

How do you keep your car cool?

By turning on the air conditioning. Or opening a window. Or parking in the shade.

Does a car turning into a parking lot accelerate?

Not usually unless he is going to slow to start of with.

Who is at fault if a person turning right out of a parking lot from the left turning lane hits a car coming up on the right side?

The person turning right is at fault - although sometimes parking lot accidents are automatically deemed a 50/50 fault. Witnesses are useful as well as surveillance to prove your case.

Should a car wait for a byciclist to pass before turning right into parking lot?


What old saying describes turning the clocks ahead or back?

SPRING forward, FALL back. SPRING forward, FALL back.

Why does car shake when backing up and turning right?

because you have crashed into somthing you pillok, try looking where you are going first

Who is at fault in an accident where a vehicle is backing out of a parking spot and strikes a vehicle that is turning into the parking lot in Texas?

If my memory serves me correctly, it would be the fault of the driver who was in reverse if that driver struck the other car mostly on its broad side. After all, the driver who is pulling out of a parking lot has the right-of-way as opposed to someone in a parking spot. As far as an insurance claim goes the drivers would have to have insurance, and the driver who was struck would want to make sure they were driving within the bounds of the law (such as observing posted speed limits, stop signs, direction arrows,etc.).Hope this helps.

Which car has the right of way when a vehicle makes a left turn to enter a parking lot?

(in the UK and U.S.) The driver turning left has the right of way over anyone exiting parking lot. Those going straight on the road have the right of way over the driver turning left into parking lot. This is unless a traffic signal indicates otherwise.

When turning into a parking lot and someone hits you from behind who's at fault?

The person who ran into you from behind of course because they should be stopping, or slowing down when you turn in the parking lot.

When parking uphill or downhill with no curb you should?

Turn your front wheels in the direction where the curb should be. Set your parking brake. Turning the wheel prevents the car from entering traffic if the brake fails.

How come your John Deere lawnmower will not go in reverse?

Could be that it is unsafe to have mower running while backing. try turning off the mower.

What do tail lights do?

tail lights are used to show drivers behind you that you are either slowing down, backing up, or turning right or left

Should the steering wheel be in the direction of the a turn when doing the turning maneuver in a vehicle?

Turning to the right, when going forward, you turn the steering wheel towards the right.

What happens if tornado's collide?

If two Tornadoes collide, two things could happen. One, they could whipeout or destroy each other (in other words, stop turning.) Two, they could from an even more destructive torndoes by forming together.

How do you move the front seat forward to get in back without turning the knob?

you just pull it up.