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You are simply because you have more responsibility when backing up to make sure it it clear.I found this out when backing out of driveway(mine) and someone turning in hit me.The insurance paid (we both had the same company) but cancelled my insurance.Alfa

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โˆ™ 2008-05-12 02:17:50
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Q: Whose at fault when your backing out of a parking spot and then a car hits you?
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If you are walking in a parking lot and a car backing out hits you who is at fault?

The guy that is walking.

Who is at fault when someone who is backing out of a parking lot space hits your side?

The person backing out. If you were in the lane/road behind them they needed to use caution when backing out.

Who is at fault when you are parking and someone backing out of their space hits you?

Whoever the police report charges with the accident.

Who is at fault when someone backs into you while backing out of a parking space and hits you in the front right tire?

If they backed into you, it's their fault. Failure to yield.

Who is at fault in a parking lot if you are backing into a parking space and a car hits you?

both because ur not quick enough ;) the other guy is thick cos he drove into you!! So more his fault!!

In California if a car backing out of a parking spot hits a forward coming car who is at fault?

The person backing out due to the other car having the right-of-way.

Who fault if person backing out of a parking space and hits a car driving the wrong way in a car park?

If the person backing out of the space had not seen a pedestrian walking the "wrong way" it would be the fault of the driver of the car backing out....... So it is the fault of the person backing out. They did not look to make sure it was safe to do so.

Who is at fault in a parking lot if you back up and someone hits you?

You are at fault. You are backing out of a space and you must yield the right of way to the other vehicles traveling in the aisle.

Who is at fault when you back a few feet out of a parking space moving in the same direction of a passing car and the front of the car hits your rear tire side with witnesses saying it is his fault?

Backing up--it is your fault.

When a car drives out of a parking space and another car hits the back of that car whose fault is it?

it is both of their faults because the person who was backing up should have look more carefully and the the other car should check where they are going

Who is at fault when a parked car pulls out and hits passing car driving too fast through the parking lot?

The driver of the parking car is at fault... he shd allways keep a man to inform him about danger, whenever backing in such a speedy street....

Who is at fault if car number one has pulled out of the parking space and is driving down the lane but the wrong way when car number two backs out from their parking space and hits car number one?

In general, the driver who is backing is considered to be at fault.

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