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If the non-custodial mother was responsible for full child support before remarrying, that responsibility will continue until the court says otherwise. The court will consider the financial condition of both the non-custodial mother and of the custodial father in deciding whether to continue to require full child support.

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Yes. They are still the child's parent and responsible for supporting their child.

No - the new spouse isn't responsible for other men's children.

No, only the biological parents income will be used to figure the child support amount. No step-parent income is used in the state of Maryland.

You can try, but the mother's new spouse isn't responsible for your child.

Does a widow of Wold War2 get surviors benitifits if she remarries.

The surviving spouse has legal rights regardless of whether he/she remarries after the death of his/her spouse.

No, He has a moral obligation to support his child financially and emotionally. Unless his income has decreased support should remain the same.

Yes. The father remains the father and continues to be responsible for the support of the children until they reach the age of 18 years. Yes. The father remains the father and continues to be responsible for the support of the children until they reach the age of 18 years.

If she remarries after age 62, the best case of her present husband and the deceased one is used to determine the pension.

Not under the Maryland Guidelines, but an argument can be made using a Rebuttable Presumption. However, that's a two way street and can be used to lower the payments. see link

Typically courts will not penalize a child by reducing support payments because a parent has had another child because this is not seen as being in the best interest of the child.

As a means of punishing him for moving on with his life? Alimony would have been ordered at the initial divorce, not later.

Yes. When your ex remarries, the child remains your child. It does not matter if she has another one. You still have to pay for the child you fathered.

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No, your ex's new spouse is not responsible for supporting your children ergo their income can not be considered when the courts calculate child support obligation for your ex.

In matters of Child Support, generally nothing. The NCP is still obligated to provide for the care of their Child/Children regardless of the income of the CP's new spouse. For more accurate information, please remember to specify the State your matter is in. ---- Additional: California law provides that since California is NOT a Common Property State, the NCP's new spouse is not responsible for the debts of their partner. Common Property States may view this responsibility differently.

Wouldn't that be cruel...NO, he wouldn't! Unless there was some clause specifically written into the settlement (did he have a lawyer read it and advise him before he agreed to it?), the alimony terminates when she remarries.

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No, in the U.S. the children of a first marriage take precedence in regards to child support. The law assumes that a person remarries and the person who becomes the new spouse accept the obligation for supporting all previously born children. Although this often institutes a hardship on second families, it is still the choice that a new spouse makes when marrying someone who has such obligations as child support and/or spousal maintenance (alimony).

No, upon remarriage alimony would cease. However if you are paying for child support, this will and should continue after the new marriage because you are still responsible for paying for your share of bringing up YOUR children.