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I have found service from Ste Agathe to Montreal Trudeau Airport for $155 CAD plus tax and tip.

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How much do greyhound bus tickets cost to get from Montreal Canada to wildwood?

bus ticket cost to get from montreal to wildwood nj?

What is the average cost of insuring a motorcycle in Montreal Canada?

Insuring a motorcycle is an important as insuring a car. In Montreal, Canada the average cost of insuring your bike can be around 200 dollars depending on the type of bike, your age, and your driving record.

In Canada how much would a taxi cost from Montreal to Niagara Falls?

Niagara Falls is one of the biggest tourist attractions in Canada and the United States. To reach the Canadian falls from Montreal in a taxi riders should expect to pay approximately 1,200 CAD including tip.

How much would a taxi cost from Montreal airport to Montreal Central Railway Station?

Around 50$ but there is a bus,747, which you could take that costs 11$ and then you can take a taxi from there which would cost at most 20$.

Where is Sofitel Montreal located?

The Sofitel hotel in Montreal is located next to McGill University. The address is 1155 Sherbrooke Quest, Montreal, Quebec, H3A 2N3, Canada. A room will typically cost one in excess of 200 Canadian dollars per night.

What is the air ticket price from Montreal to Ontario?

It would cost approximately $200.00 for a ticket to fly from Montreal to Ontario. There is about 479 miles between the two locations.

How much would a Montreal Canadiens jersey cost?

Way more than it's worth!

How much do ripstiks cost in Canada?

About $1.50 more than it would cost in America.

How much is travel insurance in Canada?

The cost would depend on what city in Canada, also weather or not your a visitor or a resident of Canada. Once you answer these questions you can request a quote for the insurance cost.

How much would a warehouse cost in Canada?

1 dolla

How much money would it cost to take a bus from Toronto to Montreal?

just call greyhound bus company

How much does heely wheels cost in Canada?

In canada, our rates are very high than in USA so the cost of these "Heely Wheels" would be about $90-145.

How much would a plane ticket from Florida to Canada cost?


What would the average electricity bill in Canada cost?

29 dollars

How much would it cost to fly from California to Canada?

some moneys

How much does circumcision cost for newborn in Montreal?


How much does it cost to fly to Cancun for a vacation from Canada?

The cost to fly from Canada to Cancun may cost around $200.00. Some places are higher and some are cheaper. The best deal would be around that though.

How much does it cost to fly from Canada to England?

It would cost approximately $1,212.00 for a one way ticket from Canada to England. There is approximately 3,241 miles between the two locations.

How much would a 1846 Canada silver coin cost?

There's no such thing.

How much would it cost to send a haggis from Dundee Scotland to London Canada?

Would the Canadians let it in?

How much to mail a Christmas card to U.K. or Canada?

Sending a card to the UK will cost much more than sending one to Canada. The cost of sending a card to the UK would be about 5 to 7 dollars. Sending one to Canada will cost about 2 dollars.

How much shout it cost for head gaskets on a 2002 ponitac Montana?

In Canada, doing it in the dealers would cost about $2800.

How much does a licence plate sticker cost in Canada?

In 2013 it would cost about $90 per year but in 2014 it will be $98.

How much does TNA leggings cost in Canada?

TNA leggings in Canada cost around $30-60. I would invest in them if you really want them. They are super comfortable and it looks good on your body. :)

How much would it cost in gas from Montreal to Halifax?

Depends on the MPG the vehicle gets and the price of fuel along the way. Neither of which you list.