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Is Montreal an overrated travel destination?

WikiAnswers contributors share their opinions:

  • Yes, Old Montreal has not much to offer, and the rest of the city only speaks French.
  • No, Montreal is a great travel destination. Old Montreal has many great shops, and I found that most people could speak English throughout the city. Montreal has many things to see such as the Biodome- I personally enjoyed my trip there very much.
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Will you need a passport to fly from Alaska to Seattle?

Only if your plane is scheduled to land in Canada.

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What Canadian city was first to have a subway?

The first Canadian city to have a subway was Toronto, and the second was Montreal.

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What is Canada's national language?

English is the predominant language. French is also an official language. Various native Canadian languages are also officially supported.

french == == Actually, on Wikipedia's article on "Canada", it is specified that the Official language of Canada is both French and English. However, English is more dominant in all of Canada.
English and French are officially the official languages.

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What are Canada's two major rivers?

The Yukon and the Columbia

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Who drove the first car in Newfoundland?

Joseph Clarke the chauffeur for Governor Macpherson. Men where sent over from England to teach him. I don't know the year, but he was my great grandfather.

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How long can a Canadian landed immigrant stay outside of Canada?

up to 6 months

Citizenship and Marriage
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If you sponsor a spouse into Canada is there a point system where age is a factor?

From what I understand, family class applications (spouse, dependent children) are considered differently than other applicants. Check Immigration Canada's website under Family class.

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Where to buy Canadian maple syrup?

Canadian maple syrup can be bought at organic stores and mainly in Canada it is very rare to see in public stores but maybe you can just get lucky and find it some where else

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How long does it take to flyfrom Richmond va to Montreal Canada?

It depends on how hard you flap your arms.

Road Distance
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What is the driving distance between Chilliwack and Kelowna?

It depends on your route, but the approximate driving distance (using major roadways) is 182 miles / 292 km.

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What is the cost to travel by bus from Calgary to Edmonton?

A Greyhound bus ticket from Calgary to Edmontonwill cost approximately $35.85 - $53.00 depending on the fare type selected. The price of a bus ticket depends on the fare type purchased (example: refundable, non-refundable, return, one-way). Price confirmation can be obtained online or through your local Greyhound Operator.

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How many questions are there on an Alberta learners test?

As of 2008 there are thirty (30) questions on the Alberta Learner's Permit test.

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How much does 1.00 Canadian equal to 1.00 American?

currently the exchange is $0.96 USD for every Canadian $1.00

The Bank of Canada has a web site with converter for this

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What are some interesting places to visit in Ohio?

well columbus the capital is a good place to visit i went there and i love it and maybe u should just drive till u r tired in ohio trust me u'll have alot of fun and better if u r with family

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What is the best time of year to go to Hawaii if you want to see big waves?

hmmm dont know

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Where is a good vacation place in Canada?

Canada is a huge piece of land altogether, and it has many breathtaking landscapes. It really depends on what sort of climate you like most. For example, if you love being in the snow and the cold, then you might want to consider someplace near Quebec. If you like someplace where the climate is just about average, you may want to consider British Colombia. Most tourists that visit Canada go near the East Coast or the West Coast due to the spectacular scenery. Vancouver island is very popular as well as Whistler, if you are planning on going to BC (British Colombia). Lots of people head over to Banff national park and check out the Rocky Mountains. If big cities are your thing, you might like to go to the East Coast as Montreal and Toronto are very popular destinations. Either way, you will find amazing places all over the country the central praires and arctic included. If you are looking for a beautiful resort including spa pampering, beach, healthy food and great views then go for n Ocean Resort.

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How long can a Canadian citizen stay outside of Canada?

A Canadian citizen can be born outside of Canada, live his or her entire life outside of Canada, and still remain a Canadian citizen.

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How many km from Saskatoon to Prince Albert Sk?

Flight Times
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How long is the flight time from Toronto ON to Vancouver BC?

5 hours

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What is the best route from Lloydminster to Slave Lake?

Well, there are many different routes you can go. If you wish to take the major highways, here's one possibility:

  1. From Lloyminster, go west on Yellowhead (Highway 16) through Edmonton. (approximately 300 km)
  2. Follow the Yellowhead until you find the turn-off merge lane to go to Villeneuve. This is Highway 44. (trip is around 56 km)
  3. Head straight north through the town of Westlock past Dapp, Jarvie, Fawcett, and Flatbush. (106 km)
  4. Then you will find Highway 44 merge into to Highway 2 past Hondo, and run straight to Slave Lake. (58 km)

This trip going this route will take you around 5 to 6 hours to complete.

Another possibility is the following:

  1. From the Yellowhead in Edmonton (which will be around 275 km long), turn north to hit Highway 2, which runs through St. Albert and Mornville to Clyde (around 60 km)
  2. From the Clyde corner, go east for one mile until you come to the corner where you find Highway 2 continuing north to Athabasca. (73 km)
  3. From Athabasca, continue following Highway 2 north west to the Hondo corner (around 75 km), and keep following west 53 km to Slave Lake.

This trip may take the same amount of time as above.

If you want to avoid going through the major cities (Edmonton and St. Albert) and want to go for the scenery (there's a lot of you that like it that way, you know!), follow the following directions:

  1. From Lloydminster, head north 29 km on highway 17 to Alcurve.
  2. Head west on highway 45 to Marwayne.
  3. Turn North, then west again, past Dewberry and Clandonald until you come to the T-intersection to Highway 41.
  4. Head North 61 km along Highway 41 to another T-intersection with 28A on your left and Highway 28 on your right.
  5. Turn left (West) on Highway 28A. Past Ashmont the Highway will become Highway 28/36. Keep going through Smoky Lake to the intersection past Radway that leads you to Highway 63. (100 km route.)
  6. Head north on Highway 63 for 13 km until you come to the turn-off to Highway 18 to Thorhild.
  7. Turn left on Highway 18 to Thorhild and follow the highway until you reach the town of Westlock. (54 km route)
  8. Turn north at the main intersection in Westlock that is Highway 44.
  9. Follow Highway 44 all the way up to Hondo, where it changes to Highway 2. (106 km to Highway 2 turn off)
  10. Keep following it until you get to Slave Lake. (53 km)

This route may be the same amount of time as the other possibilities, or longer depending on the speed limits of each highway you follow.

If you have a map of the province Alberta, you will find endless possibilities of which roads to follow to get to Slave Lake from Lloydminster. Depending on the driver and his/her comfort zone with major highways or secondary highways, remember to read the map properly, follow the legend, and take breaks as much as you can or want. All in all, the trip from Lloydminster to Slave Lake will be at least 5 hours long.

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What does a typical Canadian house look like?

yeah, we live in igloos. NO, we live in a house that looks just like everyone elses. You know, typical house; roof, brick, door, windows...we also have little plastic houses right in the centre of the mountains and live on eating cow crap

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What is the driving distance from Halifax to Calgary?

It depends on the route you take but the approximate driving distance (using major roadways) is 2,960 miles / 4,763 km.

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How many people died on the Empress of Ireland?

The SS Empress of Ireland left Quebec City on May 28, 1914, at 16:30/4:30 p.m. local time. The ship carried a total of 1,477 passengers and crew. It was struck by the Norwegian coal freighter SS Storstad the following morning at 2:00/2:00 a.m., in heavy fog. There were only 465 survivors from the collision and sinking. The final death toll was 1,012, of which 134 were children and 279 women.

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How much money would it cost if we had attacked japan on foot?

At that point in the war, and with victory certain, I don't think cost was a serious issue, really. I think Truman's highest priority was to end it as swiftly as possible. It's certain that his chosen method saved allied lives, and it may have been less costly in terms of human lives for the Japanese as well. The Japanese are a strong and fiercely loyal people; the campaign would probably have been prolonged more than we could have imagined. That a ground war would have been more "conventional" certainly doesn't imply that it would automatically have been the better choice.


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