Quebec is Canada's largest province in terms of area, and is the second most populous. It is the only Canadian province with French as its official language. Its capital is Quebec City.

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Decade - 1920s

What sports were popular in the 1920s?

There are many sports which were popular during the 1920's. The following is a list, in no particular order, of various sports people engaged in at the time:

  • Boxing
  • Baseball
  • Football
  • Dodgeball
  • Basketball
  • Horse racing
  • Racing
  • Ping pong
  • Water polo
  • Tennis
  • Archery
  • Running
  • Bicycling
  • Hunting

The three most popular were Baseball, Football and Boxing.

History of Canada

Who are Canada's two founding nations?

Great Britain and France.


France had little or nothing to do with the Founding of the Canadian Confederation other than abandoning it's people when it lost a war to Britain. Even Britain played a minor, rubber stamp, role.

When used in this context the term "Nations" refers to groups of people, most specifically "Founding Peoples". Founding Peoples is the term used in the Constitution though Founding Nations is used elsewhere. Canada has many Nations, of which three claim special status over the others as Founding Peoples.

These three are Aboriginal, French, and British. Originally there were only two founding Nations or Peoples, the British and the French. This makes the answer to the Question: Who are Canada's two founding nations? English or British and French.

Though it should be pointed out that most of the Fathers of Confederation were not "British" any more than the French in Quebec were. Many of those most active in the creation of the Confederation were not England British. John A MacDonald born in Scotland, Thomas D'Arcy McGee (Ireland), Louis Riel (Ruperts Land), Alexander Mackenzie (Scotland), George Brown (Scotland) and many or most were born in North America, not England.

But like the French in Quebec their forefathers had lost wars to Britain and as such were "British". The dominate mother tongue of the Founding Fathers would almost certainly be Gaelic not English, though English was the common language, again thanks to domination by an English speaking superpower.

Road Distance
Driving Times

What is the driving distance between Quebec City and Chicoutimi?

The shortest driving distance is 209 km. (130 miles).

Tickets Points and Auto Insurance Rates
Traffic Violations and Tickets

How do you pay speeding ticket in Quebec?

The Government of Quebec uses the Bureau des Infractions et Amends (BIA) to process payment of fines and contesting tickets. If you would like to challenge a speeding ticket, you normally have 30 days to respond after receipt of the ticket.

If you reside outside of Quebec, you should note that provinces and states bordering Quebec have reciprocal agreements regarding the honouring of tickets and demerit points. Therefore, demerit points will be issued on your Ontario driver's license if you receive a ticket in Quebec and vice versa.

One should always confirm that a police radar gun was used and if it wasn't they should make sure the speedometer on the police car was recently calibrated.

If you do challenge the ticket, you should also take note that costs are added to the fine if you're convicted so it may be better to assess the value of the fine versus the costs of going to court.

Finally, one of the more often made mistakes of a motorist is to pay the fine before consulting a professional.

If you would like more information on speeding in Quebec visit or call 514-377-7168 for a free interview.

Road Distance
Driving Times

What is the driving distance between Mississauga and Quebec City?

The distance is about 508 miles. It should take a little over 9 hours to travel it. The time is going to vary depending on traffic and how many stops you make.


What are the most popular Olympic sports?

  • Track & Field events have the most participants. Track and field has the largest venue and the most viewers. The 100 meter sprint is the most prestigious event in the sport.
  • Football (aka soccer) is the worlds most popular sport but Olympic football is limited to players under age 25 in effort to make it different from the World Cup.
  • Gymnastics
  • Figure skating
  • Swimming
Road Distance

How many kilometers between Quebec City and Tadoussac?

Approximetly 218km.


How large is Québec in miles?

595,391 square miles


What do people living in Quebec wear?

They wear clothes with a europeanish flair xP

French and Indian War

How were British troops able to surprise the French at Quebec?

They climbed a steep hill at night

History of the United States
National Anthems

Why is Russia's national anthem so cool?

Because Stalin was the Russian version of Chuck Norris, and it was his anthem. FYI, The Russian anthem is the Soviet Anthem with different lyrics.


What were the provisions of the Quebec act of 1744?

Britain got more land


Where can you buy Avalon strollers in Quebec?

Avalon strollers are very popular, but unfortunatly are not sold online in Canada. In order to purchase this stroller, you would need to visit strollers R us, or Canada strollers.

Ice Hockey History
National Hockey League (NHL)

Who are Quebec Nordiques and Winnipeg Jets now?

Québec Nordiques - Colorado Avalanche

Winnipeg Jets - Pheonix Coyotes

History of Sports
Decade - 1960s

What was the most popular sport in the 1960s?


In the United States, the most popular sport in 1960s was baseball.

Obviously, the answer would be different for each country; but it would make the answer unworkable to attempt to list each and create a great many disgruntled 'differing' people!


Why was Quebec so important to capture?

If Quebec wasn't captured and Wolfe failed Canada would been speaking french and Wolfe would get replaced

English Spelling and Pronunciation
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How do you pronounce 'gecekondu'?

pronounced 'geh-jay-kondoo,'

Robert Neuwerth (who spent considerable time in Turkey writing about gecekondu):

This is why squatter housing in Turkey is called gecekondu (pronounced 'geh-jay-kondoo,'

the word is a combination of gece, "night" in Turkish, plus kondurmak, "to happen" or

"appear"), meaning "it happened at night."

Postage and Shipping

How long does it takes ems to deliver a package?

Duey takes 12 hours to ship a package. This is regardless of what server you are playing in, GMS, KMS, etc. You tagged MapleStory so I'm assuming you're talking about package delivery in that and not a real courier like FedEx :P

History of the United States
History of Canada

What do Quebec separatists want?

they want for quebec to be an independent country


What is the land area of Quebec in square miles?

Quebec, Canada - 595,391 sq miles.

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English Spelling and Pronunciation
Bon Jovi

How do you pronounce ezetimibe?

ee zet' ah mib

Ice Hockey

Who is the all time leading scorer of the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League?

Patrice Lefebvre is the leading point getter But Guy Lafleur is the leading goal scorer.


What is Quebec land like?

Quebec is a most beautiful province in Canada, hot in the summer cold in winter with plenty of hills and lakes, trees, fish wild animals and wonderful food!

History of the United States
The Intolerable Acts

What did the coercive acts and the Quebec act become known as?

The intolerable acts


What makes Quebec different from other Canadian Provinces?

It was once settled by the French and was later incorporated into English speaking Canada. Its residents cherish their French origins and language.


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