Bachelor of Computer Applications BCA

Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA) is an undergraduate degree in computer application conferred in India following the completion of three years course. The program exposes students to several areas of computer applications including the new developments that keep pace with the industry.

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Uttar Pradesh Technical University UPTU
Bachelor of Computer Applications BCA

5th sem rtu result 2010 declare?

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from night in our hstl ye bola ja raha tha ki AA gaya h

Bachelor of Computer Applications BCA

Bca 1st sem communication skills question paper?

sq3r,compalen leeters

Bachelor of Computer Applications BCA
Masters of Business Administration MBA

Ignou MBA ms-8 solved assignments?

  1. General Buck Twigidson is preparing to make his annual budget presentation to the U.S. senate and is speculating about his chances of getting all or part of his requested budget approved. From his 20 years of experience in making these requests, he has deduced that his chances of getting between 50 and 74 per cent of his budget approved are twice as good as those of getting between 75 and 99 per cent approved, and two and one-half times as good as those of getting between 25 and 49 per cent approved. Further, the general believes that there is no chance of less than 25 per cent of his budget being approved. Finally, the entire budget has been approved only once during the General's tenure and the General do not expect this pattern to change. What are the probabilities of 0-24 per cent, 25-49 per cent, 50-74 per cent, 75-99 per cent, and 100 per cent approval, according to the general?
Bachelor of Computer Applications BCA
Punjab Technical University PTU

Bca 1st sem solved accounting question paper?

write a note on using access in accouting report?

Bachelor of Computer Applications BCA
Punjab Technical University PTU

Ptu third semester question paper of bca last 5 years?

Bca 3rd sem qustion paper

Bachelor of Computer Applications BCA

Bca 3rd sem computer organisation and architecture of KUD university Dharwad?

Please send me the model qustion papers of BCA 6th Semester

Football - Australian Rules
Bachelor of Computer Applications BCA

What is 1st sem result date?


India Colleges and Universities
Bachelor of Computer Applications BCA
Osmania University

What is the procedure to get convocation certificate from osmania university with in couple of day's?

1. Go to University and take a Convocation form from Press.

2. Go to the bank just beside and take a DD for Rs.300

3.You need to carry

4 3 passport size photos

5. 10th Class, Inter, Degree (Provisional and Consolidated Marks), PG

(Provisional and Consolidated Marks) Xerox copies.

6. Fill the form and attach all the copies to it and behind the bank in counters

you need to submit the form.

7. Go to counter no 3 and submit the documents and they will give you a receipt

for the same and you will receive it in 1 - 2 months.

8. If you need it immdtly in Tatkal option you need to pay Rs.500. It will come very fast as early as possible..

NOTE: If possible try to carry a pen, stapler and gum for your convenience....



Bachelor of Computer Applications BCA

Bca 5th sem syllabus in mdu rtk?

1. Software Engineering

2. Computer Architecture

3. Java Programing

4. Banking and Insurance

5. Project Work

6.Soft Skills & Personality Development

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Bachelor of Computer Applications BCA
FYBA Exams

What are the subjects of BCA?

Bachelor in Computer Applications(BCA)

The BCA provides an understanding and skills related to the use of computer and its application. The basic objective of the programme is to open a channel of admission for computing courses for students, who have done the 10+2 and are interested in taking computing as a career. After acquiring the Bachelors Degree (BCA) at IGNOU, there is a further educational opportunity to go for an MCA at IGNOU or Masters programme at other Universities.

The minimum duration of the course is 3 years ad the maximum duration is 6 years. The facilities for counselling and practical second and third year will, however, not automatically be extended after first year of study. Practical sessions in subsequent years is at the discretion of the University and subject to payment for the same.

Eligibility Criteria

10+2 with Mathematics as a distinct subject. Those who have not studied mathematics as a distinct subject at 10+2 level will have to register for both MTE-03 and CIC along with Ist semester of BCA. Such students have to successfully complete CIC and MTE-03 before registering for the 3rd semester of the BCA programme.

Programme Structure

The programme structure for BCA is:

I SemeterCourseCourse TitleCS-610Foundation Course in English for ComputingFHS-01Foundation Course in Humanities and Soical SciencesCS-611Computer Fundamentals and PC Software

II Semeter

CourseCourse TitleCS-612PC Softawre Application SkillsCS-60Foundation Course in Mathematics and ComputingCS-62'C' Programming & Data Structure

III Semeter

CourseCourse TitleFSTFoundation Course in Science and TechnologyCS-63Introduction to System SoftwareCS-05Elements of System Analysis and Design

IV Semeter

CourseCourse TitleCS-06Introduction to DBMSCS-64Introduction to Computer OrganizationCS-65Window ProgrammingCS-66MultimediaCS-67RDBMS Lab

V Semeter

CourseCourse TitleCS-68Computer NetworksCS-69TCP/IP ProgrammingCS-70Introduction to Software EngineeringCS-72Computer Oriented Numerical Techniques

VI Semeter

CourseCourse TitleCS-72C++ and Object Oriented ProgrammingCS-73Theory of Computer ScienceCS-74Introduction to Internet Programming (Java, ActiveX)CS-75Intranet AdministrationCS-76Project

Bachelor of Computer Applications BCA
Bachelor of Arts BA

Madras university 2nd semester exam timetable for UG courses?

we need the time table to study .........

Bachelor of Computer Applications BCA
Software and Applications (non-game)
Bachelor of Commerce (BCom)

What is scope after BCA?

After doing BCA, you will have to choose among the many options available in your hand. Like: 1. You can enter into a job as a Junior Software Engineer or Associate Software Engineer in companies like: Wipro, Infosys, Cognizant, TCS, Accenture, SAP Labs and any other organization. For this you need to have consistent marks in 10th, 10+2 and BCA. Generally cutoff ranges from 60% to 70%. 2. You can do MCA or MBA depending upon your area of interest and budget. You will be able to secure a job if you are highly competent and have lot of skills in C++, Java, Oracle etc. Because, you are going to compete with BE/BTech/MTech and MSc degree holders. Also, it's recommendable to secure 60% to 70% marks in 10th, 10+2, BCA and MCA/MBA. Study in well reputed and good colleges, where quality of education is high. Otherwise it may turn into a wastage of money. 3. If you are passionate about adventure and thriller, then join the Indian Army through UPSC CDSE exam or attend directly the SSB interview for Indian Navy for the post of Logistic Cadre in Executive branch. This will give you lot of benefits, since six pay commission is in place and job security is 100%.

Bachelor of Computer Applications BCA
Bar Exam

SMU BCA 3rd Semester Sample Papers?


Bachelor of Computer Applications BCA

Bca result saurashtra university sem 1?


Bachelor of Computer Applications BCA
Punjab Technical University PTU

Download ptu bca 5th sem sample Question papers last 3years?


C Programming
Bachelor of Computer Applications BCA
Computer Science

Write a programme for addition of two numbers in c language?

// Addition Of Two Numbers Which r Taken From User!

/*Program Written by Maulin Thaker Ahmedabad;*/



void main()


float n1,n2,ans;

printf("Enter the First number\n");


printf("Enter the Second number\n");


ans=n1 + n2;

printf("Your Answer is -: %.3f",&ans);


Bachelor of Computer Applications BCA
Anna University

How can you get thiruvalluvar university model question papers for 3rd semester bca?


Bachelor of Computer Applications BCA

Is BCA is equivalent to BE?


Software and Applications (non-game)
Bachelor of Computer Applications BCA

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Multimedia Software?


Increases learning effectiveness



Electronics Engineering
Bachelor of Computer Applications BCA

Why does the master slave J-K flip flop not requires an edge trigger while the J-K flip flop does?

The master slave has two flip flops, a master stage and a slave stage. The master stage is committed on one transition of the clock, while the slave stage is committed, based on the master stage's state, on the next transition of the clock. This eliminates race conditions, unless the clock pulse is so narrow as to make them become an issue again.

The non master slave, however, bases its output state on the JK inputs just prior to one clock edge. In this respect, its somewhat no different than the master slave variant, except that the output in the master slave is committed prior to actually changing state, whereas the output in the non master slave is committed very close to its actually changing state. The problem is simply one of design - if the input is a function of output, then race conditions in the non master slave can make the output indeterminate, and that is poor design. No ifs, ands, ors, buts, or maybes. :-)>

Bachelor of Computer Applications BCA
India Military

Can BCA graduates join IAF?

Any Graduate with Physics and Mathematics in 10+2, can join Indian Air Force,provided you qualify all the eligibility conditions and apply for the CDSE exams which is the Combined Defence Service Exam-conducted by UPSC to join the Flying Branch of IAF.Just go through the application all your queries will be answered.

Bachelor of Computer Applications BCA
University of Pune

4th sem bca exam timetable of pune university?

please I need bca 4 sem timetable

College Applications and Entrance Requirements
Bachelor of Computer Applications BCA

BCA third SEM result from V.N.S.G.U.?

Bca 3rd sem result

Bachelor of Computer Applications BCA

5th semester syllabus of bca in Bangalore university 2007 batch?

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Bachelor of Computer Applications BCA
Master of Computer Applications MCA

What is the scope of placement after BCA and MCA degree?

After BCA there is a lot of scope but there's not sufficient package ....

u have to do MCA to get good package ........

Lot of companies infosys, ibm ,TCL .......



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