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Carrie Amelia Moore

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What did carry nation do?

Carrie Nation broke bars with her hachet

When was Carry A. Nation House - Kentucky - created?

Carry A. Nation House - Kentucky - was created in 1846.

What does folk nation stand for?


Why was carry nation famous?

she was the strongest women

Who were famous women in the 1800s?

Carry Nation

What are the things that make us stand tall as a nation today?

Which nation are you referring to?

Carry Nation was arrested 25 times for smashinG?

Carry Nation was arrested 25 for smashing illegal bars and men's clubs with rocks, bricks, and a hatchet.

What is importance of constitution?

To know were we stand as a nation

What does the navy blue wheel that appears in the Indian Nation Flag Stand for?

The navy blue wheel that appears in the Indian Nation Flag Stand for Religion

When did carry nation marry Charles gloyd?


I need the answers to the cit in the nation badge?

Citizen in the nation badge need to do to carry on to help improve our community, the nation, and the world.

What is Carrie Nations middle name?

Carry's middle name is Amelia. Carry Amelia Moore Nation. That's her middle name but she is known by her first name Carry A. Nation

What does the wales flag stand for?

A whale is an animal, not a nation.

What does NOI stand for in American history?

Nation of Islam

What does flag nation rose stand for?

it means honor

What radio stations carry savage nation?

KSTE sacramento

Who was the woman named Cary relative to sufferage?

Carry Nation

What does the United Nations stand for?

what does the united nation logo stands for

What does the United Nation WHO stand for?

WHO stands for World Health Organization.

This nation is where you can stand on the shores of tripoli?

You would be in the Mideastern country of Libya.

What does the letters in nazi stand for?

Nation Socialist German Workers Party

Does carry nation have kids?

yes one daughter and her name is cherlien gloyd

What is carry nation major accomplishments?

she destroyed bars. she directly caused the prohibition

What is the purpose of powerlines?

Powerlines carry power across the nation to where it's needed.

Did Carry Nation go to college?

Yes. She went to Warrensburg Normal Institute