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In Excel how do you add a percentage sign to a list of numbers If you format the numbers it multiplies them all by 100. If you just want to add the percentage sign without changing the values?


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Change the formatting of the percent. Right click> Format cells >Custom> 0.00"%">OK. By changing the % to "%" it is changing the percent to a text character instead of an action/formula.

It is not that they are multiplied by 100. Remember that 1 = 100%, so if you format 1 to percentage it becomes 100%, not 1%. .01 is 1%. There is a trick that you can do. What you really want is to have all the numbers you have to be divided by 100, and then format them to percentage. This is what you do:

Type 100 into a blank cell. Select the cell and do a copy, whether you use the menu, Ctrl - C, the toolbar or one of the other methods. Then select the cells that you want to divide by 100. Then go to the Edit menu and choose Paste Special. A large dialog box will appear. In the Operation section click the Divide option. Then click OK. The numbers you have selected will all be divided by 100. Then format them to percentage. So if you want the number 20 to show as 20%, after dividing it, it will be .2 and then 20% after formatting.