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They can if you did not comply with the terms of the loan.

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Q: In Florida can they repossess your truck after taking a payment?
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Can the credit company repossess your new truck if you voluntarily let them repossess your old truck?

Only if the two loans were "cross-collateralizied".

Can they repossess my truck after I get caught up on my payments?


Is it legal to repossess your work truck when you are self-employed?

Yes, if you are not making the payments the bank can repo your truck.

Can you repossess a truck from a minor?

I'm pretty sure a minor couldn't get a loan

Can a bank suspend your license or registration for non payment on a truck?

Your driver's license is an instrument issued to you individually by your state government. Your bank has no bearing in its status. What your bank has is a lien to your vehicle which essentially means that upon your failure to pay, they have the right to repossess the vehicle and sell it to recover the money that they are owed. So while your registration won't be suspended, your bank may send a tow truck to repossess your vehicle.

How long does it take for the bank to write off a vehicle if they are unable to repossess it?

I think it varies on how long and who the finance company is but the last time I made a payment on my truck was November of 2007 and its January of 2009 and im sill driving it

If a persons owes on a truck and dies leaving no estate can the bank sue?

The bank doesn't need to sue. If the truck loan isn't paid the bank can/will repossess the truck.

How do you get a repossession license in AZ?

There is no licensing requirements to repossess cars in Arizona. The truck has to pass DPS inspection but that is it. So buy a truck and happy hunting.

Where can I find a cheap tow truck in florida?

You can go to and search for cheap tow truck in florida

How can i repossess a truck and recreation vehicle?

First, you need to have a lien on the items in question, and the purchaser must be noncompliant with the stipulations of the contract. If you don't plan on taking possession of the vehicle's in question yourself, hire a recovery agent to do it for you.

If you had a co-signer for a truck loan in 2002 for which the bank held the title is it legal for the co-signer to repossess the truck after paying off the loan when you defaulted in 2005?

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If you had a company tralier on your truck when they took it can they hold your companys trailer?

No. They can only repossess the power unit they were sent to repossess - they cannot take the trailer. At that point, it's theft. Especially if it's loaded.

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