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Q: In Florida what is the minimum number of employees required to have a state approved group insurance for an employer?
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Can an employer pay health insurance for you?

Yes the employer can pay the health insurance but is not required to by law. He is encouraged to for bettering the employees benefits.

Would my employer be required to purchase travel insurance, or 'go insurance' in order for me to be covered when I travel for work?

Even though it often depends on the employer, it is usually expected that the employer provide the travel insurance for his or her employees since it relates to the work activity.

Are you required to take a new company's insurance policy?

AnswerProbably. You're new employer is required to have generally at least 75% of the eligible employees enrolled.

What if employer offer one employee insurance and not all?

Under the new health care act, all employers are required to offer health insurance to their full time employees. If the employees are not full time and do not qualify to be covered under their employer's policy, they must seek another form of insurance.

Can an employer legally require health insurance?

Probably, he's required by the insurance company to insure at least 75% of the employees or else the other employees can't get the plan. For more information see the link

When is employer required to have workmans comp ins?

It depends on your state, but remember that if you have employees, even if your state has an exemption you remain liable for your employees medical costs and more whether you have insurance or not.

Are employers required to offer medical insurance to their full time employees?

Small employer have limited resources, financial power, and some barely survive. Forcing them to spend additional expenditure on health insurance to their employees means to drive them out of business.

What happens if an employer does not have workers compensation and doesn't want to pay your medical bills?

Employers are required to carry Wormen's Compensation Insurance on their employees. If your employer did not insure you, or does not have the insurance, they are in violation of your state's labor laws. You will have to bring suit against them to recover your expenses.

Does your employer have to provide you health insurance?

Employers only have to provide health insurance if they meet certain legal requirements. A business must have a certain number of full-time employees for it to be required to provide insurance for health coverage.

Are pharmacists required to carry malpractice insurance?

Most pharmacists are employees of a pharmacy and coverage is provided by the employer. If the pharmacists is self employed as in they own the pharmacy in which they work, then they would need to purchase their own insurance coverage

If an employee is on approved FMLA and retires does the FMLA continue or do they fall under COBRA?

An employer is required by federal law to provide FMLA benefits - 12 weeks of unpaid leave per year - to employees. If you have terminated your employment by retiring, you are no longer an employee, and you would continue your health insurance through COBRA.

Is an employer required to give a former employees personal information to a collection agency?