In Georgia can a 17-year-old live with her mother if her father has custody of her and refuses to allow it even though he has kicked her out of his house?

Not a lawyer so this isn't a legally binding answer but I would think at this point since he has kicked you out of his house he doesn't really have much say over you... On a more serious note in some states there are laws stating that a child can choose who they live with at say 12 or so (maybe different in different states.) I would get a hold of your local child welfare agency to find out what the legal issues are. They would at least be able to explain to you what your rights are or if not that, point you in the direction of someone who can. This father of yours sounds like bad news so please call soon.

Note: In Georgia you can choose which parent you want to live with when you are twelve-thirteen. At seventeen you can move out of your parents home and they can do nothing to stop you. Also, legally, your father can not kick you out of the house until you are eighteen.

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  • The custodial parent is responsible for the welfare of a minor child until that child reaches the legal age of majority or

the custody order is changed by the court.

Law enforcement will not intervene in a situation where an older child leaves the custodial parent's residence to live with the non custodial parent unless the minor is considered to be endangered in some manner or there is a court order.

The custodial parent would need to an order from the court to return the minor to his or her residence. These kind of matters can become complicated if the non custodial parent is under court ordered child support, has supervised or restricted visitation rights, etc.