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In Georgia does a 23 year old who has never had a license have to get a permit first?

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No, if you're over 17 in the state of Georgia, you can go directly to the DMV with all the requested info, and take a road and written test same day. If you pass you will get your license.

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If over 21 do you need learners permit before you get your license in Ga?

If you have never had a license before anywhere, the answer is YES, in Georgia, you must get a leaner's permit before you are first licensed.

Is it illegal to drive in Georgia without your license on you?

You should never drive without a liscense in any state, regardless of where you got your liscence, unless you have a permit and have a legal driver with you.

Does the state of Georgia recognize a jamaican marriage license if never registered in Georgia?

Georgia will recognize a certificate of marriage from Jamaica. The license will not be valid in the US.

When you are eighteen do you need a learners permit?

Everyone who does not already have a license (and never did in that state) needs a learners permit, even if you are 50

Do you need a drivers license to drive a golf cart in Georgia?


How much does a learners permit cost in Maryland?

It is $50 if you have never had a license before in Maryland. $30 if you have.

What if your in a car wreck and its your fault and you are underage and no permit?

first when your in a car accident never admit it was your will definitely have to pay for it then. if your underage and no permit you will most likely have a set back in getting your license and your parents may have to pay compensation

What happens if I am caught driving at 15?

if your are caught driving and you are under the age limit to get a permit you will never be able to get a drivers license.

Letting someone without a license drive your car?

You should never let a person drive a car that doesn't have a license. If the person has a permit and the passenger is over 18, then it is fine.

What do the numbers on a Colorado driver license mean?

The first two numbers represent the year you first got your license in CO. (This includes when you got your learner's permit). The next 3 numbers represent what day of the year you went in to get your license, and the last 4 represent what number in line you were that day to get it, this includes all DMVs throughout the state. Your license number will never change, even when renewing your license or if you move out of the state and come back.

Can you get your license if you got a suspended permit in Tennessee?

No, you should never get another licence sum how the police will find out about it and there is a chance you could get in more trouble then you already are:)

Can you get your license if you haven't already gotten a permit once you turn 18 in Florida?

Yes. A learner's permit is a privelege given to someone under the legal driving age so that he or she can practice driving while learning. But once you're 16 or older, you can obtain a regular license never having had a learner's permit, assuming you've satisfied all other testing requirements.

Do you need to take drivers- ed and a behind the wheel course to get a permit?

yeah u need to take drivers ed to get a permit No. There's dozens of kids at my school with a license that never took drive ed.

Are Illinois residents who are 21 and over still required to obtain a driver's permit if they wish to practice driving?

If they have never been licensed before, yes. They need a permit in order to practice driving before getting their driver's license.

Florida dmv run national warrant database when applying for drivers license?

Probably not, they would usually only check the state that you moved from and who's permit you are looking to replace with a FL license. HOWEVER - you can never be certain. . . .

How do you end a marriage if you never signed the marriage license?

In order for a marriage to be valid, the license must be signed by both parties willingly. If no license was signed, there was no marriage in the first place.

When was ludacris inducted in the Georgia music hall of fame?

Never, and he never will be. They hate him in Georgia.

What happens if I am62Yrs old run a red light on a drivers permit and never had a licenes before?

You get a ticket for running a light and driving without a license. Age has nothing to do with it. You broke the law.

In Texas if you are 18 and never have had a TEXAS learner's permit what must you do to get a license?

You must pay for and pass the Texas Department of Safety Driver's Examination and purchase automobile insurance. Driver's Ed is not required.

California drivers license a traffic ticket North Carolina from 29 years ago will it stop you from getting a drivers license in Georgia?

Unless the NC violation resulted in a suspension of your license which has never been cleared, you should probably be okay, ALTHOUGH, you may be required to pay the delinquent fine.

If you are 18 of age or older how long must you have a learner's permit before you can get a driver's license in Nebraska?

You don't need a Learners Permit to take the Operator's License test once you turn 18. If you have not been issued a Learners Permit or if the permit has been expired for more than one year, you must pass a written test and a driving test at the DMV. If you are 18 or older applying for a first time license and you have never held a POP, you must pass the vision, written, and driving tests. Individuals surrendering a valid or expired (no more than one year prior to surrender) Nebraska Learners Permit (LPD) will have the written test waived. A Class O License authorizes a license holder to operate any motor vehicle except a motorcycle and commercial motor vehicle. Minimum age 17 if held POP for 1 year and have not accumulated 3 or more points during previous 12 month period, otherwise age 18. AN OVERVIEW OF GRADUATED LICENSING IN NEBRASKA:

If i got two DUI's in pennsylvannia 10 and 12 years ago but never got my license back can i now get a Florida license?

Not enough info -BUT- Was your license/permit permanently revoked in PA, or did you just not bother to re-apply after your suspension period was over? If permanently revoked by PA you're going to have a problem. If you just didn't re-apply, but all other stipulations of your DUI sentence were satisfactorily completed, you shuold be able to successfully get a FL permit.

Can you have your driving record expunged after you have paid the fine and served the sentence in Georgia?

No, your driving record, unlike your criminal record, is a never-changing history of your entire driving history from the very first time you ever got your license right up to the present time.

When did Pope Benedict first drive the Popemobile?

Pope Benedict XVI held a pilots license but never had a drivers license so it is unlikely he ever drove the Popemobile.

Do you have to file for divorce if license never filed?

No..because if the license was never filed with the State then you were not legally married to begin with....