In Godfather II did Michael corleone order the hit on frank Pantangles?

The Pentangalie Hit

Michale didn't order the hit it was Hyman Roth who ordered the Rozzotta Brothers to do it and make it look like it was Michale, hence Michale asking Hyman, "Who ordered the hit on Frank Pentagalie?" It wasn't until Pentangalie cooperated with the government then when his brother who was a mafia chieftan from Sicily appeared to remind him of the Omereta and Frank quickly purgered himself that Hagen convince him to commit suicide to protect the organization and the organization would protect his family. On an intresting note Frank Pentangalie was supposed to be Fat Pete Clemenza, the last of Vito's old friends which coupled with Hyman's Roth assasination would wipe out the last off the past, but he couldn't reach an understanding with Coppola about the script.

The entire Frank Pentangalie scenario was based on Crazy Joe Gallo