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Classic Movies

Ask questions here about films from Old Hollywood, the black and white masterpieces that defined the industry.

Asked in Classic Movies

Who dies first in the Godfather?

The character played by James Cahn
Asked in Boxing, Movies, Classic Movies

Why did rocky Balboa chased a chicken?

He chased it to build up speed, as in the ring he was flat footed. Trying to catch a chicken is harder than it looks, speedy little things! ...
Asked in Movies, Drama and Acting, Classic Movies

What are some famous green movie characters?

Shrek, Frankenstein, the Hulk (see for example the recent movie, The Avengers). ...
Asked in Classic Movies, Romantic Movies, Gone with the Wind

What is scarlett o'hara's birthday?

April 23, 1841 Nope this can't be. Because she was only 16 when the war Started in 1861, so that would have to have her being born in the year 1845. Also April 23 has got to be wrong, as well, because The barbeque at the Wilks' Plantation took place the day before Ft Sumter was fired upon, and that was on April 12, 1861...So that would have made Scarlett just shy of 16, but Ms Mitchell says she was already 16. Note: The...
Asked in Classic Movies, Romantic Movies

Who was male actor in breakfast at Tiffany's?

George Peppard was the male lead in the movie
Asked in Classic Movies

Where was the quiet man made?

Ashford Castle, County Mayo, Ireland. Ballyglunin, Tuam, County Galway, Ireland. Clifden, Galway City, County Galway, Ireland. Cong, County Mayo, Ireland. Connemara, County Galway, Ireland. Lettergesh Beach, Connemara, County Galway, Ireland. Maam, Galway City, County Galway, Ireland. Oughterard, County Galway, Ireland. Thoor Ballylee, County Galway, Ireland. ...
Asked in Movies, Classic Movies

Most rented movies of all time?

Star wars Titanic LOTR EVIL DEAD
Asked in Classic Movies

What is info on Essanay Studios?

According to Irv Kupcinet, in his book, Kup's Chicago, (publish date 1962 [out of print]), Louella Parsons wrote scenarios for Essanay. She wrote the first movie column ever, for the old Chicago Record-Herald in 1914. Also, Ben Turpin was an office boy at Essanay before he became a famous movie star. Other actors at the old Essanay lot on Argyle Street: Gloria Swanson (from Lake View), Wallace Beery, W.C. Fields, Francis X. Bushman and Charlie Chapman. Answer I lived down the block from the...
Asked in Classic Movies

How do remakes like 'The Ladykillers' appeal to their modern day audience?

Two words, "special effects!" All appeals are subjective. If you have seen the old movie and enjoy it, you may seek out the new movie as a sense of familiarity. An example of this is Karate Kid. If a parent were to relate the movie to a familiar one, the odds of them seeing it is likely increased. henceforth, the children may also see the movie, increasing it's gross. If you are from a later generation and have not seen the older...
Asked in Classic Movies

Who does the vioce of rosebud?

Orson Welles , as Charles Foster Kane .
Asked in Movies, Classic Movies, Romantic Movies

Where can you find information regarding an Essanay Studio film 'Kitty's First Romance' -a silent film pre-1920?

Scroll down to the "Related Links" section of the page, there is a related link there! ...
Asked in Movies, Classic Movies, Drama Movies

What is the name of vito corleone's wife?

In the book she is just referred to as Mama Corleone. In the movie she is referred to as Carmella Corleone. ...
Asked in Classic Movies, Science Fiction and Fantasy Movies, Drew Barrymore

How old was Drew Barrymore's character in ET?

It was comparable to Barrymore's real age, which was 7 years old.
Asked in Classic Movies, Wizard of Oz

What does Dorothy say to toto when she lands in oz?

She says, "Toto, I have a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore."
Asked in Classic Movies, Romantic Movies, The Bachelor/Bachelorette Reality Series

Who played Tammy in Tammy and The Bachelor?

Debbie Reynolds played Tambey 'Tammy' Tyree in Tammy and the Bachelor.
Asked in Movies, Math and Arithmetic, Classic Movies, Wizard of Oz

In the movie Wizard of Oz what is the name of the theorem that the scarecrow stated when he got a brain?

The Scarecrow states an incorrect version of the Pythagorean theorem. He states: "The sum of the square root of two sides of an isosceles triangle is equal to the square root of the third side." There are two errors. The Pythagorean theorem applies to right triangles, not isosceles. Also the theorem is that the squares of two legs equals the square of the hypotenuse. Properly stated, "The sum of the squares of the two legs of a right triangle is equal to the square...
Asked in Cruises and Ocean Liners, Classic Movies, Science Fiction and Fantasy Movies

What old wartime movie had a cruise ship with dead passengers?

Between Two Worlds or something with the title (Voyage) The heaven/hell anticipation is dragged out over the entire voyage. heavy stuff, but Occult, not science fiction as the title suggests- there may have been several films of this type. ...