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There are five possible girlfriends in GTA IV. Here is a brief note of who they are. Niko can have all five of them as his girlfriends, but can only take them out one at a time.

It is quite easy to juggle them, so that Niko can have a regular stream of dates:

Michelle (lives in Broker)

After the early mission, Three's A Crowd, Michelle will become Niko's girlfriend. She will call Niko for the first date, which is interrupted due to another mission coming up, but he can still go to her house and collect her after that and continue to date her. Michelle has a hidden agenda, which will become apparent at the end of the mission, The Snow Storm. After that, she and Niko will no longer be an item.

Kate McCreary (lives in Broker)

Kate is one of the McCreary family, who Niko will become involved with throughout the game. After the mission, Waste Not Want Knots, her brother Packie will call Niko and ask him to call Katie, because she doesn't get out much. Kate does not consider her time with Niko as "dates", but tells him that she just wants to be a friend. However, she is the most important girlfriend that Niko will have in the game, and her fate will be decided towards the end, when Niko will have an important decision to make about his future.

After the mission, Out Of The Closet, these three girlfriends can become available:

Carmen Ortiz - "SoBoHoe" (lives in Bohan)

Carmen can be found on on the computer. After Carmen becomes Niko's girlfriend, she has a useful special ability whereby Niko can call her to obtain a health boost.

Kiki Jenkins - "Law Chick" (after the island of Algonquin is unlocked)

Kiki can be found on Her special ability is to help Niko get cleared from up to a 2 star wanted.

Alex Chilton - "Liberated Woman" (after the island of Algonquin is unlocked)

Alex can be found on Her special ability is to offer Niko a 50% discount on clothes purchased.

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Q: In Grand Theft Auto 4 how many girls can you date at a time?
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