In Greek mythology was rescued from the sea monster?

Updated: 8/17/2019
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Andromeda was rescued from Perseus.

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Q: In Greek mythology was rescued from the sea monster?
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In Greek mythology who was rescued from a sea monster by Perseus?

The Ethiopian Princess Andromeda.

Who was rescued from the sea monster by perseus in greek mythology?

Some say he saved Princess Andromeda from the Kraken

What is a cetus in Greek mythology?

The term 'Cetus' refers to a mythological sea monster in ancient Greek. Greek heroes such as Perseus and Heracles were said to have slain a 'cetus' sea monster.

How did Cetus get its name?

Cetus received its named from a sea monster in Greek mythology.

What is the enormous serpentine fish in mythology called?

Cetus or Ceti signified as a large sea monster, fish, or whale in Greek mythology. Cetus was the offspring of the primordial sea deities Phorcys and Ceto.

Who was rescued in greek mythology by perseus?

On his way back to Greece, after slaying and beheading Medusa, he saved the Princess Andromeda, who had been chained to rocks as a sacrifice to a sea monster, by killing the beast. He then returned to Greece with Andromeda as his bride.

In greek mythology who was a six-headed sea monster who dwelt in a cave opposite the whirlpool charybdis off the coast of Sicily?


What you would like to know is what was the name of the King of the Sea of Neptune in Greek Mythology?

In Greek mythology Poseidon was the god of the sea.

What kind of monster was Charybdis?

Charybdis was a sea monster in Greek mythology that was in the form of a whirlpool. She was paired with Scylla, another sea-monster that sailors didn't want to encounter. "Between Scylla and Charybdis" means having to choose between two dangers, either of which brings harm.

Who is Greek god posiedon?

the greek god Posiedon is the god of the sea

What is the Greek mythology Poseidon?

In Greek mythology, Poseidon was the god of the sea and, as "Earth-Shaker," of earthquakes. Neptune in Roman mythology.

Which Galaxy's namesake was hunted by the kraken in ancient greek mytholygy?

You are mistaking mythology with movies. The kraken is a Norse/German sea monster, not Greek. They never knew of it. The answer, all the same, is Perseus.