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The Ethiopian Princess Andromeda.

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Q: In Greek mythology who was rescued from a sea monster by Perseus?
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In Greek mythology was rescued from the sea monster?

Andromeda was rescued from Perseus.

Who was rescued from the sea monster by perseus in greek mythology?

Some say he saved Princess Andromeda from the Kraken

Who was the man who rescued cepheus's daughters?

Perseus was the man who rescued Cepheus's daughters, Andromeda in Greek mythology. He saved her from being sacrificed to a sea monster, slaying the creature and marrying Andromeda.

Did Perseus defeat the Crackin?

No, it was simply known as the Ethiopian Monster. Kraken are Iceland and Norway mythology, not Roman or Greek. Different answer: Yes, actually the kraken is part of greek mythology. Perseus defeated it with medusa's head

What was Andromedas roman name?

The Romans retained the Greek name. They did not create a Latin equivalent. In Greek mythology Adromeda was an Ethiopian princess rescued from a monster by her future husband Perseus. The Romans gave this name to the constellation which still bears this name

What is a cetus in Greek mythology?

The term 'Cetus' refers to a mythological sea monster in ancient Greek. Greek heroes such as Perseus and Heracles were said to have slain a 'cetus' sea monster.

What is the meaning of the Greek root name Andromeda?

The name "Andromeda" comes from Greek mythology. Andromeda was a princess who was chained to a rock as a sacrifice to a sea monster but was rescued by the hero Perseus. The name itself means "ruler of men" in Greek.

What is the culture of Perseus?

Perseus was a hero from Greek mythology.

Where would Perseus be found?

Perseus in greek mythology is dead

Who is the father of perseus from greek mythology?

Zues is the father of Perseus

Who was rescued in greek mythology by perseus?

On his way back to Greece, after slaying and beheading Medusa, he saved the Princess Andromeda, who had been chained to rocks as a sacrifice to a sea monster, by killing the beast. He then returned to Greece with Andromeda as his bride.

Who in Greek Mythology is the mother of Perseus?