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No. There are only a few things that a child can do without parents' consent, and moving in with a boyfriend is not one of them.

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Q: In Idaho Can a 17-year-old female leave home to live with her boyfriend without her parents' consent but with her boyfriend's parents' consent to move in with him?
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How do you get your parents to go to your boyfriends house?

Ask your boyfriend's parents to invite them.

What can the police do if a 15 year old moves out with her boyfriend without parents consent?

If your boyfriend is 18 he can go to jail and if hes not then the police take you back to your parents house whether you like it or not and I think the boyfriends parents get in trouble for letting you stay with them

Your seventeen your boyfriends twenty-two and you have parental consent to date then you end up pregnant can your parents take your boyfriend to court?

I don't know.. your seventeen and your boyfriends twenty-two.. its not that bad of a age difference.. but its kinda illegal.. and your parents could take your boyfriend to court because your under age.. and plus your boyfriend shouldn't really be having sex with a minor. 0_0 (perv boyfriend) *cough cough*

Can a 16-year-old female leave home to live with her boyfriend without her parents' consent but with her boyfriend's parents' consent to move in with him?

No. And the boyfriend's parents could very well find themselves facing criminal charges for taking her in.

Should you tell your parents you have a boyfriend even though you have had boyfriends in the past?

yus you should :']

Can a 17 year old and her baby move out of her parents house and move in with her boyfriends house without parents consent in indiana?

No you have to be 18.

I was wondering if it's legal to move out of the house at the age of 16 in the state of WV without parental consent if you move into your boyfriends parents house with their permission?

NO. And you attempt to do this, boyfriend's parents are likely going to find themselves facing a truckload of legal problems.

Me and my boyfriend want to get married he is 20 i am 16 we have a baby can we get married without my parents consent?

You have a child at 16!!??? No, until you turn 18 you need your parents consent. In Scotland you can.

Can a 17-year-old move into her boyfriend and his parents' house with both his and her parents' consent?

With parental consent, yes. The move does not relieve the girls' parents from being responsible for her support, welfare and maintenance.

Can a 17 year old move in with her boyfriend without parents consent in Illinois if he is 19?


Can a 14 year old that has a baby live with her boyfriend?

With her parents/legal gaurdian's consent.

Im 15 and my boyfriend is 20 and we have a son can i get married?

With parents consent sure thing.

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