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In Illinois if a nineteen year old receives two moving violations does their license get suspended?

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In Illinois at nineteen, you are allowed two convictions in one year before your license will be suspended. If you have one ticket and now received a second, I would suggest you consult a traffic lawyer to help you either receive traffic school for the new one or supervision and avoid getting the second conviction. Other option: You may be able to "revisit" the last ticket and have it reheard to avoid getting your second conviction placed onto your record. Good luck

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Habitual traffic violations. A person who receives four (4) or more moving violations in a period of 12 months, or seven (7) or more moving violations in a period of 24 months, is subject to having their license suspended. A provisional driver (under 18 years of age) who receives two (2) or less than four (4) moving violations in a period of 12 months, is subject to having their license suspended. Texas Transportation Code 521.292, 37 Texas Administrative Code 15.82.

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