In Louisiana do you keep the engagement ring if engagement is broken?

  • I have deleted the first answer; the correct answer is below. There are legal implications with respect to engagement rings which potentially could cause trouble and monetary loss for those taking unqualified advice on legal matters.
  • In Louisiana my information is that you cannot keep the ring if the engagement is broken. The only way that you can keep it is if he chooses not to get it back upon the termination of your relationship, or if you do get married (but that gets complicated). Legally, you are required to immediately give the ring, or its monetary equivalent, back in the event that the person who gave it to you requests that it be returned. In all US states except Montana, an engagement ring is considered to be a "conditional" gift, where the conditions of the gift are not met until the marriage is completed. Therefore, once the chance that marriage will occur has been nullified (you break up or call off the engagement) then, upon request, the ring must immediately be given back to the person who initially purchased and gave it as a gift. Some states do have laws regarding who broke off the engagement and/or why, which can affect whether the ring recipient must return the ring, but that is rare, and is not the case in Louisiana. So, give it back if you are asked to do so, otherwise you could end up paying court fees and still end up giving it back in the end.