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Yes, if the owner of the policy does not file a change of beneficiary the insurance will have to pay the proceeds to the person who is named on the policy.

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Q: In Louisiana does a divorced spouse remain an insurance beneficiary?
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Who is the beneficiary in a life insurance contract?

The beneficiary is the person to receive the coverage amount when the person covered by the policy dies. In the first instance, the beneficiary is named by the applicant when application for the insurance policy is made. Unless the beneficiary designation is made irrevocable, the insured is free to change the beneficiary at any time until his/her death. Unless some provision of law or contract renders the designation of beneficiary irrevocable, the beneficiary does not have a right to remain as beneficiary and ordinarily cannot contest a subsequent change.

If an ex-spouse is listed as beneficiary on a life insurance policy does that person remain the beneficiary and receive the money in the state of Georgia?

Generally, yes. A person must be careful to change the name of the beneficiary on their life insurance after a divorce of death of the named beneficiary. You should consult with the attorney who represented the decedent in the divorce to determine the law in your state and whether the divorce decree extinguished the ex-spouse as the beneficiary.

Must spouse be beneficiary of life insurance policy?

No, in most cases you can name whoever you would like as your beneficiary. However, as part of some divorce proceedings a court will require that your ex-spouse remain a beneficiary as part of a alimony/palimony agreement.

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