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Not automatically, but can be raised as a rebuttable presumption.

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The income of your ex-spouse's partner is irrelevant to child support; only your ex-spouses income counts.

No, a spouses income is never taken into consideration when child support is being figured. Only the income of the 2 biological parents will be used.

Certainly should be ... they are family, too.

No Almost never. In a couple of states, there are some minor loopholes that revolve around cases where there is an open arreage or a recent reduction of support because of a new lower paying job, but in the US at least, a second spouses income does not generally affect your support amount.

Not that I can find or know of. Veteran's benefits are only granted to veterans except in rare circumstances. However, if you spouse dies on active duty your benefits are different. Essentially spouses are entitled to nothing because the school of thought are that they didn't make any sacrifices or serve this country (even if thats not true)

nope, only takes the mother and fathers income into account. Spouses of the parents are not included

You cannot change who is your mother. If your father remarries then his new wife is automatically your step mother, when you marry your spouses mother becomes your mother-in-law. You can change who is your next of kin when you reach majority.

Communication between the spouses.Communication between the spouses.Communication between the spouses.Communication between the spouses.

Only the biological parents pay for their children, not the new spouses.

Community Property States are those states in which all material property is divided equally between the spouses during their divorce. Spouses are required to split all of their belongings, including debt, equally. Anything gained before their marriage or after the separation is not included. There are nine states in the United States that are Community Property States. The Community Property States are: Arizona, California, Idaho, Louisiana, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, Washington, and Wisconsin.

Generally no. Depedents have a specific definition of who can be covered. Ex spouses are not normally included.

Not by law, however the state sets law based on court rulings so this may change. see links below

The duration of Trading Spouses is 2640.0 seconds.

The spouses of Carol and Mike passed away.

Trading Spouses ended on 2007-05-03.

Trading Spouses was created on 2004-07-01.

The staff were to have a Christmas party and all spouses were welcome.

It's called "bigamy" (bi meaning 2 - as in 2 spouses).

No, only the income of the biological parents are used to figure how much child support will be paid. Medical support does not use a spouses income either.

spouses can use the gi bill starting aug 2009

The spouses have to apply for children, and if approved, they will be granted a child at the next Ceremony of One.

Cleopatra had only two spouses and they were both her brothers. The others were side men.

Artemis had no spouses in the original myth, although I heard a myth that said she was the spouse of Apollo.

If the house was purchased during the time you were married, it is considered a joint asset. It will be included in the marital assets for equitable division according to the laws of your state.

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