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In Michigan can a 17 year old be extradited against her will to a state with different laws about leaving home at age 17 Can she return to Michigan on her own Would a friend be able to help her?


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January 28, 2008 9:05PM

Since legal guardianship was not transferred she can return to Michigan without getting in trouble. She is a legal resident of that state. Furthermore, she is allowed to to travel willingly anywhere she choses within the United States. As far as getting married at such a young age, you two should really think about why that is even necessary. Nothing is stopping you from being boyfriend and girlfriend. When she turns 18 nothing is preventing you from living together. Don't go an do something that is difficult to undo. People change my friend. You'll be able to look back on that fact when you are 30 or so, but for now just trust me. You two might be perfectly happy together. But one thing that is difficult to predict is how much your feelings, interests, or future plans will change. There will always be time to get married if you two truly love each other. But don't do it to prove something or defy her or your parents. It will only hurt you in the end. Good luck.