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Q: In Monster Hunter what is the reward in the raviente quest?
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How do you get issium on monster hunter tri?

Go to the tundra and mine for it. You will get more of it if you go on the quest to get bloodstones, and you may get it as a reward as well.

What quest do you have beat to get the kirin quest in monster hunter freedom 2?

I dont know how to do it on monster hunter freedom 2g but i know how to do it on monster hunter freedom unite. sorry =(

Do you have to do quest in monster hunter tri?


How do you get monster bone M on monster hunter 3?

Kill a number of monsters such as : Rhenoplas, Bullfango, Qurupeco. Alternatively you can obtain the from a dlc quest where you ahev to kill 20 bullfangos (Carve the monster after you kill it because the bones aren't guarenteed for the quest reward)

How do you take two felynes on a quest in monster hunter psp game?

You can only take one felyne comrade with you on Monster Hunter Freedom unite. Monster Hunter Freedom and Freedom 2 do not have felyne comrades. The only Monster Hunter game that lets you take two comrades with you on a quest is Monster Hunter Portable 3rd (Japan only for right now)

How can you get your felyne come with you in your quest in monster hunter freedom 2?

you mean Monster Hunter Freedom Unite? or Freedom 2? only Monster Hunter Freedom Unite has Felyne Fighters.

Monster hunter unite what quest can you get a throwing knife?

they are suply items

How do you get more monsters on monster hunter 3?

Complete the quest's that are in your game.

Can Monster Hunter 2 and monster hunter unite link up?

They can't link up to go on quest's but if you get monster hunter freedom unite then you can import ur account from monster hunter 2. ps it doesn't delete your guy/girl on monster hunter 2 (z alesana i) ()_() (=':') (,(")(") your welcome!!

How do you get monster fluid on monster hunter tri?

You can get monster fluid as a reward by completing the the three star offline quest 'pest control'. Also by getting a bowgun and using poison, it will kill the bugs and you have a chance to carve monster fluid. (also works with poison weapons, but not as effective.)

How do you slay in monster hunter freedom?

slaying in Monster Hunter (MH) means you kill the boss/biggest/required monster in the quest using your weapon. after that, you can "carve" for its parts by pressing "O"

How do you get to from 7 star village to 8 village star quest on monster hunter freedom unite?

complete the urgent quest.

What is the strongest monster in monster hunter tri?

It is supposed to be Alatreon but i feel the most difficult is Deviljho in the quest world eater.

Where can you learn the spell tame beast on world of warcraft?

you do the hunter quest at lvl 10, and then as a reward you get the move.

How do you get a strange beak in monster hunter tri?

You must hunt a capture a Qurupeco for a quest. I think you can also harvest this after slaying Qurupeco.NO. Strange beak is a very rare quest reward but a crazy easy break item. Break the quropeco's beak in the quest. 100% chance to get it in rewards with break.

Where could find small monster bone in monster hunter 2g?

You can get it from Giaprey's after the quest ends.Good Luck Finding it...CeroNueve09™

How do you Get Monster Bone plus in Monster Hunter Freedom?

By doing the Elder quest. I think around 5 stars you can start getting monster bone+, from Tigrex.

How do you get the kings frill in monster hunter tri?

You kill/capture the great jaggi. Why does everyone post it as a reward item. Kings frill is a break item. Keep hitting GJ head until you see the frill break apart. Now complete the GJ quest for the reward item.

How do you beat the training quest in monster hunter freedom united?

patience, luck and experience... lots and lots of it

Where do you find the Gypceros on monster hunter freedom unite?

the 3 star village elder quest in the swamp zone

Where can you get a monster bone plus in monster hunter freedom unite?

you can get monster bone +'s from gypceros. if you have unlocked quest level 5 from the village chief, keep doing the quest with 2 gypceros. always use an ice attributed weapon because that is their weakness. good luck with those bones! just keep trying if you still can't get it. hopefully it should come up in the reward screen. Or capture them both it will give a 95% monster bone + rate.

How do you increase HR in monster hunter freedom unite?

by clearing the urgent quest inside the gathering hall. urgent quest are unlocked by 4 specific quests.

What hr can unlock akantor in Monster Hunter freedom united?

it's the urgent quest from HR6 to HR7 inside the gathering hall it's also the last urgent quest of the Kitty Quest.

Can you move data from monster hunter freedom 2 to monster hunter freedom unite?

Yes you can move data from monster hunter freedom 2 to freedom unite. Every item, equipment and quest is transferred over. (not sure of event quests though) Yes completed quests also transfer over.

How do you get Akantor Shells in Monster Hunter Freedom Unite?

From Akantor of course. it's the last urgent quest of the Cat that gives quests outside, next to the Elder Quest.