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Q: In Motor oil is used as a lubricant and replaces sliding friction to create which type of friction?
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Motor oil is used as a lubricant and replaces sliding friction to create which type of friction?

fluid frictionMotor oil replaces sliding friction with fluid friction.Motor oil is used as a lubricant and replaces the sliding friction to create a type of friction known as fluid friction.

How are static friction sliding friction and rolling friction the same?

They all create centrifical force on an object and create stops

Does sliding your feet on tile create friction?

Yes any surfaces rubbing against each other is friction no matter what it is.

How is friction related to net force on an object acceleration of an object a create sliding on a surface?

F net=F applied - F friction

The kind of friction that results when you rub sandpaper against wood?

The friction caused by the sandpaper being rubbed against the wood will create heat, causing the wood's molecules to move slightly.

Why should you reduce friction?

Putting oil Use of ball roller bearings smoother surfaces

Can you get static friction rubbing a balloon in your hair?

Yes, by rubbing a balloon in your hair or sliding your feet across the carpet, you can create static friction. However, sometimes, this may take some time to notice it.

Why would someone use lubricant for a bike?

One would use a lubricant to improve the mechanical part -- e.g. chain -- within a bike if it was starting to create friction/ increased wear and tear. A good lubricant to use would be something like WD40 as it would provide both lubricating properties and reduce the likely hood of rust.

Why increase friction?

You would increase friction so that you wouldn't slip, by using the brakes on your car of bike you increase friction to stop yourself. Hikers increase friction between their feet and the ground by wearing hiking shoes that grip the ground better. Tires on cars that create more friction make the car go faster, because instead of sliding, the tires grip the ground and push off.

Does salt create friction?

no, movement creates friction

What does friction create?


How do you create friction?

Rub things