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When you are 18.

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Q: In Nevada what is the legal age a child can leave home without getting in trouble with the law?
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What age can a child leave home without the parent getting in trouble you live in CA?

You must be emancipated or eighteen.

Could you get in trouble for taking your child without telling your husband?


What are your options if you are 17 in Ohio and want to move out without getting emancipated and live with your boyfriend without getting into trouble?

The age of majority in Ohio is 18, so anyone under that age is considered to be a minor. If you leave home without parental consent then your parents can report you as a runaway. Your boyfriend can get into trouble to. Under Ohio law he could be charged with contributing to the delinquency of a child and interference with custody of child under the age of 18.

What do parents do to avoid getting in trouble with child abuse?

They don't abuse their children.

If a newborn child is in phyisical danger can the underaged mother and child leave the area without getting into trouble with cops?

If a newborn is really in physical danger, get ahold of Social Services and they will probably help the mother and child leave the area.

What if your not married to the father can the mother and the baby leave the state without getting in trouble with the law?

Yes. A father has no automatic right to their child (unfortunately) unless the parents are married.

Can A child be questioned without a parent being present in the State of Nevada?

only if the parent gives approval.

In the state of Nevada can a custodial parent take child out of state without permission from the noncustodial parent?


If you have a child does that legally emancipate you in Nevada?

No. Getting pregnant/giving birth does not emancipate a minor in any state of the US.

How do i put my child's father on child support without him getting sole custody from another state?

How would he do that without being in possession?

Is child endangerment a felony in the state of Nevada?

Yes child endangerment is a felony in Nevada. Don't EVER do it!

Can a legal guardian give permission to a 16-year-old to move out without getting in trouble?

Yes the gaurdian can do that by getting there child minimum age 16 an emancipation well of they have an emancipation you can move out before becoming 18. Also, your parents can give your permission to move into another relative your very dumb for age 16 Ngl.

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