Emancipation and Ages for Moving Out

In Ohio can a 17 year old with a child move out?


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Yes, in Ohio a 17 year old with a child can move out. Most places do recognize a 17 year with a child as an adult.

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Anyone can move out of Ohio if they are of age. A 17 year old can't move out of state unless they have their parents permission.

In most places an 18 year old is an adult and can choose to move out if they wish.

The law say until they are an adult, the parents are responsible. That would be 18 years old.

Only if she has parental permission or she

A 16 year old teenager can not legally move out on their own. In the state of Ohio, they are considered a minor.

Yes, you can charge your 18 year old child rent, and if your child doesn't wish to pay, he or she is free to move out and live elsewhere.

A minor can only move out with parental consent or emancipation and having a child does not emancipate you.

What is the legal age in ohio to leave a child home alone overnight?

Help them find a job and apartment. Help them move. Keep in touch.

The parents are still responsible for her. Without their permission she will have to wait until she is 18 in Ohio.

No. Being pregnant/having a child does not give you the legal right to choose where you live.

No, nor in the other 49 states. Also, the parents of the 16 year old can LEGALLY have the 37 year old arrested. ---- The age of consent in Ohio appears to be 16, but that only means that the 37 could not be convicted for statutory rape. Assuming that the 16 year old is not legally emancipated from their parents, the parents could obtain a restraining order and/or otherwise prevent the 37 year old from coming into contact with their child until the child reaches the age of majority (18 in Ohio).

Only with parental consent or emancipation.

Being 17 is still considered a minor in Ohio. They have to be 18 to more out legally.

Not until they are 18 years of age in Ohio, or with permission. Until then the parents determine where you live.

No, the age of majority is 18 in Ohio, not 17. Until they are an adult the parents are responsible for them.

no not unless the child has been imancipated from her parents. otherwise the man can be arrested for child molestation.

A 17 year old mother is considered emancipated and thereby can legally make the decision to move away from her parents home with her child.

Possibly not, the age of consent is 16 in Ohio. Though, if the older person was in a position of authority over the 17-year-old, then that would be statuatory rape. Also, if the 39-year-old took nude pics of the 17-year-old, that person could be charged with child pornography.

No, the 17 year old is still a minor with/without a child. A child having a child doesn't make them an adult. Parents are still responsible of the 17 year old until they are 18.

There is no Emancipation in Ohio. Which means that the parents decide up until the minor reaches 18 or graduates from high school.

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