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No. You must have the signature of the insured person.

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Q: In Pennsylvania can a wife purchase a life insurance policy for her husband with herself as beneficiary without his knowledge or signature?
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Is a signature reuired to change the beneficiary on a blanket life insurance policy?

Yes. A signature is required to make any changes in a life insurance policy.

Can a husband change his wife as beneficiary on a work life insurance policy without her signature in the state of PA?

it usually depends on the company the policy is with. but usually you dont need a signature to change a beneficiary.

Can a son take a life insurance for his mother without her knowledge?

No, Not legally. you must get her signature on the application.

What is the penalty for forged signature on life Insurance policy?

murder and forge signature life insurance policy

Is it legal for an insurance agent to forge your signature?

No. Forging a signature is a crime.

What can be done to close an estate in Pennsylvania when one beneficiary refuses to sign?

You should seek guidance from the court where the probate was filed. A beneficiary cannot hold up the estate by refusing to sign something such as a final account. Generally, the court will allow you to publish a notice rather than obtain a signature.

Can a person buy life insurance for someone without that person's knowledge?

Only if the inured to be is a minor otherwise you would need consent in the form of a signature.

Can someone other than the beneficiary forge a signature to receive payment from the insurance company?

No, that person would be charged with both fraud and forgery and be sent to jail. The only legal way someone other that the beneficiary can sign for a payment is if the benificiary is declared incompetant and a court assigns the signing authority to that person or the beneficiary voluntarily signs legal documentation giving someone else that right

What does advisor signature mean?

An advisor signature means that the person who is in charge or has knowledge of the activity needs to write his/her signature on a form.

What is a beneficiary owner account detail document?

The beneficiary owner account detail document refers to the document that contains the personal details of the owner of a given beneficiary. The document is usually legal and binding and must contain the signature of the owner of the account.

In the state of New Jersey can a husband take his wife off of his life insurance policy as beneficiary without her knowledge or signature?

Generally no. The insured must generally sign the application and take a physical. There are a FEW speciality policies that might do this. Here's ONE. It won't do spouses though. For more info see Of course he can take her off the policy and he can do that without her notice.He can have anyone at all as beneficiary

Can the executor also notarize the will?

You don't notarize a will, you notarize a signature, such as witnesses to the will. Yes, in most places an executor can be a witness and have their signature notarized. There are sometimes problems when a beneficiary is also a witness.

If a man names his brother beneficiary of a life insurance policy and not his wife can she still collect?

Depends on the state in which you reside. If you live in a community property state such as California or Washington, the spouse has to have signed off and had the signature notarized for the spousal rights to be waived.

Can a minor be a beneficiary of a life insurance policy?

The problem is a minor can't sign a binding contract, so when the company pays off, his signature doesn't agree that he's been paid. The best thing to do is make a trust or leave the $$$ to a guardian.

What is Barack Obama's signature law?

health insurance reform

What state's name is misspelled in the US Constitution?

Pennsylvania is spelled Pensylvania on the signature page.

Is it possible for girlfriend to use the same life insurance co that she has a policy with in order to skip the underwriting process and gain HUGE bucks on your life?

I assume that you're wondering if she can get a policy on your life as your girlfriend behind your back. No, she can't, she has no insurable interest, such as a wife or parent would and she would need your signature in order to buy the insurance on you. This does not mean that you cannot allow her to pay for life insurance on you and you can name her as beneficiary if you choose. You can just say she is your fiance and that will suffice as insurable interest. She could also buy life insurance on you, forge your signature and make the payments herself all without your knowledge and of course all illegal. But it would not be for big bucks or it would require full underwriting which would include a paramed exam at the very least.

Can an employer sign my name to a contract without my knowledge?

No. This is forging a signature and is illegal.

How would a wife find out if her husband has changed his life insurance policy beneficiary at his job without her knowledge?

You must know where he last worked (he could still be working there) so simply phone and ask to speak to him and if he no longer works there you will be told. If he is still dealing with the same life insurance company phone them and let on you may want to bring your husband in along with you and possibly change the policy. They are more apt to give you information on this. Also, your husband must have a copy of that policy so I'd search around the house (if you are still living together) and find it. He may also have a safe deposit box at a bank. Depending on the company, many of them require any beneficiary changes to have the signature of the spouse on them. I've worked for three major companies and they all made me have spouse's signature if the beneficiary was anyone other than the spouse. The above poster is correct. However, if you call the insurance company and say "my husband and I would like to come in and discuss the policy" and your name is still on it they will ask more questions and ask what changes you want to make. If you are no longer on the policy you'll get the run around because they can't legally discuss this policy if you aren't the beneficiary. You'll have your answer.

Can a lawyer notarize his own signature?

No, a lawyer cannot notarize their own signature, no one can, nor can a person who is the beneficiary of the object of the document. The whole point of notarizing a signature is to have someone else attest to the fact that the person actually signed the document, in case the person later denies it or is no longer able to capable of affirming his or her signature.

Is it legal of an agent to forge a signature on insurance form?

To forge the insured's signature is a criminal offense and the Agent's License, if reported, is liable for cancellation.

Are signature stamps legal?

Signature stamps are legal when used for payroll. Signature stamps are not legal for documents like life insurance policies. Signature stamps are also not legal for deeds for property or for titles for automobiles and other titled possessions.

Can employer make new work rules and attach my signature to them without my knowledge?

No, this would be illegal, and would defeat the purpose of the signature. This is because the whole point of the signature is for you to give consent that you agree with these new rules

Can your mother take out life insurance on your child without your knowledge?

If you are referring to a minor childs GRANDMOTHER, no, she may not do so without getting the child's parents or guardians signature on the policy also. If the child were an adult, then the child would have to sign it.

Can an RN sign disability papers?

Probably not. Insurance paperwork tends to require a doctor's signature.