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To get your emerald Pokemon to platinum you transfer them in pal park.

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Q: In Pokemon Platinum how do you transfer your Pokemon in Pokemon emerald?
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Related questions

Can you get the emerald Pokemon in Pokemon Platinum?

only if you transfer it from emerald via pal park

Can you trade Pokemon from Platinum To Emerald?

u can transfer.

How do you transfer Pokemon from emerald to platinum?

One can trade Pokemon from Emerald to Platinum using the Pal Park feature in Pokemon Platinum. The Pal Park feature becomes available after completing the Elite Four in Pokemon Platinum. Subsequently, players can transfer Pokemon from Emerald to Platinum via the Pal Park.

Where is regiice on Pokemon Platinum?

You can't get him in platinum. You have to transfer him from a Sapphire/Ruby/Emerald.

How can i catch the 3 the regi's in Pokemon Platinum?

you cannot catch the 3 regi's in Pokemon platinum you have to catch them in Pokemon emerald then transfer them to Pokemon platinum. thnx

How do you transfer Pokemon from Pokemon emerald to Pokemon Platinum '?

you put both games into your ds then turn it on and go down on the menu to where it says something like transfer Pokemon from emerald and go to that. then pick 6 Pokemon from emerald from the PC boxes to transfer to platinum and once your done start your game and go to the pal park and talk to the guy and he will let you catch the 6 Pokemon you transfered from emerald to platinum and you go out and catch your Pokemon.

How do you get reggice reggisteel and reggirock in Pokemon platinum?

You have to transfer them over from Pokemon Ruby, Saphire, or Emerald.

How do you get a goudon in pokemon platinum?

You can't get one in Platinum at all. You'd have to transfer one from Ruby, Sapphire, or Emerald.

Pokemon platinum where to get a Groudon?

either transfer him from ruby or emerald or use an action replay

How do you migrate Pokemon from black to emerald?

You can't. But you can migrate Pokemon from Pokemon Emerald to the Pal Park in Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, HeartGold, or SoulSilver and transfer them into Pokemon Black.

How can you get Kyogre on Pokemon platinum for dsi?

You cannot get Kyogre in platinum. You must transfer it from heartgold,soulsilver, ruby,emerald or sapphire. If you have heartgold, you can capture kyogre in that game and transfer it to platinum.

How do you get a shiny rayquazza in Pokemon platinum?

you cant unless in a trade or transfer a shiny one from emerald

What Pokemon do you get from having Pokemon Emerald in the game boy advance slot?

You get to transfer your Pokemon you caught in Pokemon Emerald, to Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, or Platinum. But just remember, you cant transfer them back. Thanks for letting me answer you question, Good Luck!

How do you transfer Pokemon from Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2 to Pokemon platinum?

you cant but you can migrate from leafgreen,firered,emerald,ruby,saphire

How can you trade Pokemon from emerald to platinum?

you dont. you migrate from emerald to platinum.

Can you get Rayquaza in Pokemon Platinum?

That's impossible. You can only transfer him from Pokemon Sapphire/Ruby/Or emerald after you complete Sinnoh dex

How do you get your Pokemon from Emerald onto Black 2?

One way to do it would be to transfer from emerald to diamond/pearl/platinum and then transfer from that game to black/white and then trade to black 2.

Where do you catch a turchic in Pokemon Platinum?

There is no way to catch a wild Torchic in Pokemon Platinum. The only way to get one in Platinum would be to transfer from the Generation 3 games (Ruby, Sapphire or Emerald) where it is a starter Pokemon.

How do you transefer rocksteel in diamon to emerald?

You can't transfer any Pokemon from diamond and pearl and platinum to ruby or sapphire or emerald or firered or leafgreen.

How do you get the Hoenn starters in pokemon platinum?

You'll just need to trade for them, or transfer them into the Pal Park from Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire, or Emerald.

How do you get minum in Pokemon platinum?

get him from emerald

Can you trade from Pokemon from emerald to Pokemon Platinum?


How do you merge Pokemon Platinum with Pokemon emerald?

It is not possible.

How do you transfer Pokemon White to platinum?

you cannot transfer Pokemon white or black Pokemon to Pokemon dimond, pearl, or platinum, sorry:}

Who is Anabel on Pokemon Platinum?

Anabel isn't on Pokemon platinum. she's only on Pokemon emerald