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hey Pokemon platinum... where did you download the Pokemon platinum game?

can you tell me?

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You can not move him in any of the games. He will only move after you beat the boss and team galactic leave. Once they leave he will go with them.

you need to get a move called surf. You can only give surf to a water Pokemon

Yes you can I think Cynthia's mother gives it to you after you beat the Galactic Grunt and Cyrus (for the first time) in front of the cave in Celestic Town.

You can't. You have to go out of the cave and enter in the cave on top of this one by using rock climb.

You cant get Pokemon from Pokemon ranger to platinum!

because he has no pokemon!

If you mean rock smash then a hiker in the cave by Orebugh gives it to you after you have obtained the Coal Badge.

It Is Impossible To Move Pokemon, From Pokemon Blue Or Pokemon Silver To Pokemon Platinum Version.

Same as D & P, you will find it in the Celestic town shrine. Of course, I believe it is after you have defeated Cyrus or that Galatic Grunt. Cynthia's Granmother will give it to you.

This answer is only for people who have gotten to the cave in Mt.Coronet where they meet a Galactic Grunt who is lost and has no Pokemon.After battling all the grunts in that cave who do have Pokemon,get out of the cave and you'll notice a full scale of rocks that point to the left.After using Rock Climb,go to any cave you find.Battle all the grunts in that cave and move on until you make it to Cyrus who is in Spear Pillar,where you'll battle against two grunts and Commanders Mars and Jupiter.

You must have the move anywhere code for platinum. Go to snowpoint city and then go to snowpoint temple and walk around the lady. Go to 5f where the regigas statue is and there should be a boulder next to the wall. Then there will be the cave entrance.

Mean look is not a TM move in Pokemon Platinum.

shroomish!!!!!!!! you have to migrate to get on diamond, pearl and platinum

How do you move the rock in front of the cave in victory road in Pokemon white

The Pokemon Platinum Move Modifier is a cheat that is used by Pokemon players. It allows players the ability to add extra moves to varying Pokemon in their database.

mira is at the full end of the wayve yard cave standing to help her get out of the cave but make sure you have a Pokemon that know the move flash because it's dark she'll give you some thing i think than she will thank you for that you helpt her

First go to Celestic town and press "A" next to the shrine in the cave an old woman will come and give you the HM strength.

its a move your Pokemon might learn

it is in mt.cornet out side in the snow and there is a cave then you have to use the hm move warterfall and then there should be a cave there are the orbs.

Whirlpool is a move in pokemon. It's not a game.

Draco Meteor is not available by TM or Move Tutor in Pokemon Platinum.

You need the HM Defog which is in the Safari Zone. Then you need to teach it to a flying-type Pokemon on your team (it is a flying type move). Keep this Pokemon in your party and you should be able to get past the grunts

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