In Pokemon Ruby your allowed to have up to 6 Pokemon and after that the Pokemon GO somewhere and Im wondering how can i add those to my list of Pokemon and get rid of some Pokemon?

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in any pokeCenter (the place where you heal your Pokemon) there is a PC (in the GBA games its on the desk) go to it and click A and you can move Pokemon between it and your party
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How do you go to Mars in Pokemon Ruby?

\n. \n Mars in Pokemon Ruby \n. \nPeople say you talk to the guy in the white jumpsuit after X many lanches but it's just a bogus roomer. You can't go to mars

Where can you find a list of all the Pokemon featured in Pokemon Ruby?

Its easy just go to and you will see a list of Pokemon games click on ruby/Sapphire and then once you get to that page press new Pokemon or ruby/Sapphire pokedex then youll see a list of Pokemon. There are numerous Pokemon. A small list of them are Squirtle,Wartortle, Metapod, and Bulbas ( Full Answer )

Where to go to get the ruby in Pokemon FireRed?

First get a national dex .( beat the league and make your pokedex 60 minimum . Then go meet oak . ) Then go talk to Celio in one island in the Pokemon center . Then go to Mt. Ember and beat the rockets . Pass the maze in the cave and GET THE RUBY .

How do you go to space on Pokemon ruby?

You Must Get Latios Or Latias Train It Till Lvl 70 Then Go To Mossdeep Space Centre Talk To All Those People . I Guess It Is Like That Tough , When You Get To Space You Can Capture Jirachi.

When do the rockets in Pokemon Ruby go up?

Answer . You mean the rocket at the Space Center in Mossdeep City? Alright, a lot of people say that when the scientist in the Space Center says, "This is successful launch number 100," you're taken to the moon to catch wild Jirachi (or Deoxys, I can't remember which). This is completely fake and ( Full Answer )

Going to space in Pokemon Ruby?

in emerald you can just get latios or the other one and get it to level 67 then go to the space center in mossdeep talk to everybody in there and someone will ask you to go to space~~gamertrue note it has to be level 67

What legendary Pokemon can you get on Pokemon Ruby?

The legendaries of the third generation are regirock, regice,registeel, latias, latios, groudon, kyogre, rayquaza, jirachi anddeoxys. though the only ones obtainable without trading or cheatingare the regis, groudon and latias latios:wild groudon:8th gym town(sorry forgot name)caverayquaza:near paci ( Full Answer )

PP up in Pokemon Ruby?

u can find them in meteor falls, victory road, route 104, and on route 109.

Where can you get ice Pokemon in Pokemon Ruby?

u can find spheal i think anywhere in shoal cave. u can also find snorunt in an icy room in shoal cave. regice and kyogre also kno a few ice move u can also teach other Pokemon to use ice attacks with tms. i hope this helps! =]

How do you get all Pokemon on Pokemon Ruby?

Here is one thing. You can catch them in certain areas or find a friend who has Pokemon Leafgreen, Firered, Sapphire, Emerald, or someone who also has Ruby that can trade you some of those Pokemon if they have it. Another thing is buying a cheat. The cheat for the GBA will have codes to get any item ( Full Answer )

What are some rare Pokemon in Pokemon ruby?

regirock\n. \nregice\n. \nregisteel\n. \nlatios\n. \nkyogre\n. \ngroudon\n. \nrayquaza\n. \nIf you want to know more go to this site\n. \n. \n. \n. \n

HM list in Pokemon Ruby?

HM01 - Cut - Rustboro City HM02 - Fly - Route 119 from rival HM03 - Surf - Petalburg city from Wally's house HM04 - Strength - Rusturf Tunnel, Rock smash needed HM05 - Flash - Granite cave HM06 - Rock Smash - Mauville City HM07 - Waterfall - Cave of Origin HM08 - Dive - Mossdeep City, ( Full Answer )

A list of all the Pokemon in Pokemon ruby?

Hoenn # Pokemon Name Types Ability #001 Treecko Overgrow #002 Grovyle Overgrow #003 Sceptile Overgrow #004 Torchic Blaze #005 Combusken Blaze #006 Blaziken Blaze #007 Mudkip Torrent #008 Marshtomp Torrent #009 Swampert Torrent #010 Poochyena Run Away ( Full Answer )

How do you go to the league in Pokemon ruby?

Follow The Steps.. 1.You Need All The 8 Badges. 2. You Need HM Waterfall. 3. You Need HM Surf. 4. Go Through Victory Road. 5. Zoom! Your In The Pokemon League!

What are the best 6 Pokemon in ruby?

Blaziken/Sceptile/Swampert,Metagross,Groudon,Rayquaza,Salamence,Heracross(Great damage/Swarm. +10% To bug moves. since its heracross is a bugpokemon bugmoves increases another 10% Megahorn would be a deadly move)

Can you trade Pokemon in Pokemon Ruby?

Yes you can trade Pokemon in Pokemon Ruby if anybody has questions about that or anything else about Pokemon Ruby, Emerald, Pearl, Leaf Green. Join my website called so we can chat or give each other information about it you can ask other people on my site about it.Thank you.

What are the best Pokemon for Pokemon ruby?

This is a very vague question. You cannot just have one super party of Pokemon that are 'the best in ruby'. One reason for this is simply that people prefer some Pokemon over others and will choose to train them stronger than others, so they would have their favourite Pokemon as their strongest an ( Full Answer )

Can you go to Sinnoh in Pokemon Ruby?

You can connect ruby to diamond and pearl and migrate Pokemondiamond or pearl from the Generatin 3 games for GBA after you beatthe elite 4, but, you cannot go to the sinnoh.

How do you get the Pokemon Metagross in Pokemon Ruby?

You must defeat the Elite Four and Steven first. Once you've done this, fly to Mosdeep City, then go into the house towards the north-west of the city that has no people in it. There should be a Pokeball there and a note from Steven saying that he left the Pokemon inside for you, which is a level 5 ( Full Answer )

What are the Pokemon in Pokemon Ruby?

these are the Pokemon in Pokemon ruby, Sapphire, and emerald from first to last. treecko grovyle sceptile torchic combusken blaziken mudkip marshtomp swampert poochyena mightyena zigzagoon linoone wurmple silcoon beautifly cascoon dustox lotad lombre ludicolo seedot nuzleaf shiftry taillow swello ( Full Answer )

What is the Pokemon TM list on Pokemon ruby?

\n. \nTM01 - Focus Punch\nTM02 - Dragon Claw\nTM03 - Water Pulse\n\nTM04 - Calm Wind\nTM05 - Roar\nTM06 - Toxic\nTM07 - Hail\nTM08 - Bulk Up\nTM09 - Bullet Seed\nTM10 - Hidden Power\nTM11 - Sunny Day\nTM12 - Taunt\nTM13 - Ice Beam\nCasino Prize\nTM14 - Blizzard\nTM15 - Hyper Beam\nTM16 - Light Scre ( Full Answer )

Pokemon diamond pokemon to pokemon ruby?

You can only move pokemon from ruby to diamond, not the other way around, through pal park. You need both games in your ds to do this

What are the types Pokemon at Pokemon Ruby?

They are Fire, Grass, Water, Rock, Fighting, Ghost, Psychic, Dark, Poison, Bug, Electric, Ground, Steel, Normal, Flying, and Dragon. What do you hope to gain from this?

How do you get the go goggles in pokemon ruby?

after you beat Flannery, the mega hot gym leader, (hahaha pardon my pun:) you go out side, then your rival, whatever her name is, and she gives them to you.

How do you go pacipicdlog in Pokemon ruby?

What you have to do is use Surf from Mossdeep City on Route 127, go past Sootopolis City to go on Route 128 and 129, take a left onto Route 130, and arrive in Pacifidlog Town from Route 131.

All Pokemon on Pokemon Ruby?

Well, lets see there's, Treecko, Grovyle, Sceptile,..... I can't name them all, just go to for a full list of them.

In Pokemon Ruby how do you get up mudslides?

Ok, first go to mauville and go to the place were you can get bikes..... you can't really miss it, then when he gives you the option of two bikes pick the MACH BIKE then go to a mudslide, back up a little bit and ride towards it hope this helps.

How do you get Pokemon from Pokemon Ruby to Pokemon Diamond?

First you must defeat the Elite Four & see all of the Pokemon in Sinnoh. Second you must reach Pal Park (surf from Sandgem town & keep on surfing). save & restart & you will have an option on the selection screen (after the title screen) it will be Transfer to Pal Park & all you do is transfer.

In Pokemon ruby how do you go into the desert?

You will need the go goggles to go through. You rival will give it to you when you defeat Flanery. Until then, you will need to use the firey path to go north.

Where to go get groundon in Pokemon Ruby?

go to the weather institute and go up the stairs and talk to the professer umm that's wrong you get groudon in sootopolis city after you fight the leader of team magma

What Legendary Pokemon is In Pokemon Ruby?

Type your answer here... The rare Pokemon that are in ruby are regice regsteel and regirock Grouden Raquaza and latias if you what Kygore you need sapphire

Can you go to the moon Pokemon ruby?

no ... well if you cheat you can and you can get deoxys but you have to have 6 badges i think cos you need 6 to get to mossdeep and that's were the space station is

Where on Pokemon Ruby are rare Pokemon?

thers bagon in meteor falls,rayquaza in sky pillar, regice,registeel,regirock,groudon, snorunt in shoal cave, uh um if that's not what your looking 4 just go to

Where are Pokemon contests in Pokemon ruby?

Pokémon Contests are a type of competition often contrasted with Pokémon battles and held in Contest Halls. Pokémon are judged on their condition and moves in two rounds, to determine which is the best of its category. -from Bulbapedia, the community-driven Pokemon encyclopedia

How do you add trainers in pokemon ruby?

I'm not exactly sure what the question is asking, but, if you mean how do add more accounts onto the game, so two people could play and not just one, you can't. You'd need to buy another game.

How do you go to mossdeep in Pokemon ruby?

first you have go to the team aquas near the lilycove city.then you have to battle their boss,and when you defeated the boss go to the submarine in the slateport or near the pokemon contest in lilycove city then go to the lilycove and surf then go right aand their you are.....hope it could help..!