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Its a TM, and its Shadowball

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Q: In Pokemon Silver what hm do you get in forth gym?
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How do you get the Hm Surf on Pokemon Silver?

You get it at the olivine city pokmon gym

Where is hm fly in Pokemon soul silver?

HM 02 Fly is with the woman outside Cianwood City Gym.

Where do you get the second hm from in Pokemon soul silver?

Beat the 5th gymleader and leave the gym

Where can you get the hm 02 in Pokemon Silver?

You must ask the lady in front of the cianwood city gym

Where do you find HM Strength on Pokemon silver?

In Pokemon series, you generally find HMs soon before or right after you beat gym leaders.

Where to get the hm cut in soul silver?

after beating the second gym go to ilex forest and catch Pokemon for him he gives you cut

Where is the hm rockclime in Pokemon HeartGold?

I know that in soul silver, after you beat all 16 gym leaders the professor gives it to you.

When do you get to hm fly in soul silver?

Beat the Cianwood Gym leader, Chuck. Then a woman will apper when you leave the gym and give you the HM.

Where is the HM fly in soul silver?

Beat the Cianwood Gym leader, Chuck. Then a woman will apper when you leave the gym and give you the HM.

Where to get the hm rock climb on Pokemon soul silver?

In Pokémon SoulSIlver, Professor Oak will give you the Rock Climb HM after you defeat Blue, the Viridian City Gym Leader.

Where is HM fly in Pokemon Silver version?

Fly in CianwoodThe HM Fly is given to you by the lady (who is the gym leader's wife) outside Cianwood Gym, but only after you've beaten the gym leader. She will comment on how her husband is getting fat! ;)

How does Bellspourt learn Cut in Pokemon Soul Silver?

Cut is an HM. It can only be learned after you beat Bugsy in the Azalea City Gym.

What is the true way to get th HM waterfall in Pokemon silver?

I think you find it on the way to the 8:th gym in the ice cave :)

How do you get to the fifth gym on Pokemon Silver?

You will find it in Cianwood City, located south of Olivine City. You'll need the Surf HM to get there.

Where do you find hm rock smash in Pokemon soul silver?

go north of the first gym talk to the person she will give it to u

How do you cut down trees in Pokemon soul silver?

You have to have the HM cut. You earn the ability to use HMs when you defeat a gym leader, but the gym leader does not give you the HM. You find them seperately somewhere in the game. Hope this helps!

What is hm 2 on Pokemon HeartGold?

HM 02 in Heart Gold and Soul Silver is Fly .But you get it at the end of the 7th or 8th gym.

What Pokemon know all of the hm moves on Pokemon silver gbc?

no Pokemon knows all the hm moves!

Where to find the hm dive in Pokemon Silver?

There is no HM Dive in either Pokemon Silver/Gold or Heartgold/SoulSilver. It is exclusive to the Hoenn games.

How do you move rocks in Pokemon Silver?


What gym leader do you have to beat to use hm cut in Pokemon HeartGold?

I don't have heart gold but I'm sure it's like soul silver, you have to beat the 2nd gym leader which she uses bug type pokemon.

Where do you get HM 7 on Pokemon diamond?

i believe hm7 was watterfal, isn't it? that hm do you get after beating the 8 gym. you get it from a girl on the end of the city where that gym is

Where do you get HM scale in Pokemon Silver?

the hm is called rock climb. you get it after you beat blue (the last kanto gym leader). unfortunately, he will refuse to battle you until you beat red on mt. silver. once you beat red, go back to cinnabar island and he will tell you to battle him at his gym in viridian city

In Pokemon silver what gym leader do you beat to use surf?

Fourth gym, in Ecruteak City. To get the HM for it, you must beat the dancing girls inside the dance hall in the same city..

How do you get the HM waterfall in Pokemon Diamond?

You obtain the HM from Jasmine once you have won at the Gym in Sunyshore.

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