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In Pokemon pearl how do you unlock to harbor inn?

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you will need to do a Nintendo event
go to the part that is south but not through the doodr then use the app that shows hidden items if you see a square that is it

this doesn't make and sense, south of what? i know south of what u idiot

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How do you get the harbor inn key in Pokemon pearl?

you look for it

Where is the harbor key to the inn on Pokemon pearl?

you have to cheat

How do you get into the harbor inn on Pokemon pearl?

go to the harbour =D

Is their a Harbor Inn key in Pokemon Pearl?

you have to go to an event to get it, its to get darkrai

How can you get into the harbor inn in Pokemon pearl?

You must get the Member's Card via Nintendo Event to get into the Inn in Canalave City.

Pokemon Pearl how do you get in to harbor inn?

To get into the Harbor Inn in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. Is when you get to the point you have walked... 999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999 steps. You go to the house with the sleeping boy inside. Go to Newmoon Island. Find Darkrai. Catch! Hooray. Hope this helped.

How do you get in the harbor Inn in Pokemon Pearl?

You need the Mystery Gift Members CardI have beaten Pokemon Pearl please tell me where you are at and I will be able to help

Where is the key to harbor inn in Pokemon pearl?

the answer to this question is to get out of your mums basement, get a job and stop posting questions about Pokemon :D

What is in the harbor inn in Pokemon Pearl?

canalave city where the six gym leader of sinnoh is.Type your answer here...

What is in the harbor inn Pokemon pearl?

i dont really know but when i get the mystery gift ill tell It is in Cancave Town.

Where do you get the member card to get into the harbor inn in Pokemon pearl?

its a mystery gift and if u dont no u find darkrai there

How do you unlock the harbor inn?

In the Pokemon generation four games, there is a locked door in Canalave City at the Harbor Inn. This can only be opened with the Member Card which can only be obtained through an official Nintendo event.

How do you get slowpoke in Pokemon platinum?

Its in the harbor Inn (in canalave city) theres a guy in the harbor Inn that has a hat he gives u slowpoke for any Pokemon of your choice

What do you do with the members card in Pokemon pearl?

You go to the Harbor Inn in Canalave, you'll be given a room there. When you go to sleep, you'll get the Darkrai encounter.

What is in the harbor inn on pearl?

I think it's the house above the Pokemon center in canalave city but you need the national pokedex and members card to get in

Where can you see Darkrai in pokemon platinum?

In harbor inn

How do you get into harbor inn on Pokemon platinum?

Action replay

How do you get in to harbor inn in Pokemon pearl?

You had to go to a Nintendo Event long ago in a distant land. It would the door and initiate the chance for you to catch Darkrai.

Where is harbor inn?

In Canalave City above the Pokemon center

How do you open the harbor inn door in Pokemon diamond?

The Harbor Inn in Pokemon Diamond is only accessible by using the Member Card. This item is only obtainable through an official Nintendo event.

Where do you find darkri?

In Pokemon Diamond, Pearl and Platinum Darkrai can be found on Newmoon Island. To get to Newmoon Island you need the Member Card for the Harbor Inn at Canalave City.

What does the membership card do in Pokemon pearl?

The membership card opens the door to the Harbor Inn in Canalave City. This is a legendary event cheat in which you catch a level 40 Darkrai.

How do you open harbor Inn in Pokemon platinum?

you need a mystery gift

How do you get Darkrai in Pokemon pearl version?

you get event Pokemon then go cacth creselia and go to canalave city walk to the harbor inn and stay there for a night the you will have a dream you will be on a island and walk up to a puddle and darkrai will be there

How do you unlock the harbor inn door?

You can't get into the house without a ticket, you got this from an expired event.