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only with action replay!!!

there is no way without action replay

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โˆ™ 2009-11-29 12:13:09
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Q: In Pokemon platinum how do you get arces?
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How do you catch arces in soul silver?

Trade from Diamond, Pearl, or Platinum

Where do you find arces in Pokemon HeartGold?

You can't

How do you catch arces in Pokemon platinum?

If you mean Arceus, you will have to blow the Azure Flute, which you get only by Mysterious Gift or you can use cheats (Action Replay), on the Spear Pillar, found at the top of Mt. Coronet.

How do you catch arces on Pokemon diamond?

hall of origin

Super rare Pokemon on Pokemon pearl?

well you can get Shamin Arces Darkrai Creslia and Regigagis

What is the master cheat for the Pokemon diamond?


What is the best Pokemon a Pokemon master can obtain?

Good question the answer is Mew, Mewtwo Arces

How do you get arces in pokemon pearl?

get the azure flute and then go to where you met dialga and play it

What kinds of Pokemon look's like horses?

ponyata, rampadash, keldio, and arces

What Pokemon game has Arces?

pokemon diamond. get the azure flute play it at the top of mout cornet. or spear pillar. it is at lv 80

What is better Pokemon Pearl or platinum?

Pokemon Platinum has more Pokemon so in my opinion Pokemon Platinum is better.

What Pokemon know one hit Ko moves?


What is the population of Arces?

Arces's population is 615.

Where do you catch arces in Pokemon pearl?

it is a event so you cant just walk around in mountains looking for it

What is the last of the Pokemon?

I think it's Arces IDK if it is but I'm thinking it is but good luck trying to find the answer your looking for alright!!!! POKEMON!

Where to get Milotic in Pokemon Platinum?

You can't get the Pokemon in Pokemon Platinum.

How do you take rental Pokemon in Pokemon Platinum?

There is no rental Pokemon in in Pokemon platinum

How do you move Pokemon from Pokemon Ranger to Pokemon Platinum?

You cant get Pokemon from Pokemon ranger to platinum!

New Pokemon Platinum?

on Pokemon platinum there are no new Pokemon but Pokemon are in different places

How do you give the grunt a Pokemon in Pokemon Platinum?

There is no grunt that you can give a Pokemon to in Pokemon platinum.

Can you capture all Pokemon in Pokemon Platinum?

no but if you evolve Pokemon in platinum or go to marrilands platinum pokedex you can find out how.

Where to catch arces SoulSilver?

You can't catch Arceus in Pokemon soul silver. You must trade it from another game.

How do you unlock the sinoh ruins in Pokemon soul silver?

somehow get arces then go to the ruins of alph and go into the lab

What is the population of Arces-Dilo?

The population of Arces-Dilo is 611.

What is the area of Arces?

The area of Arces is 21.74 square kilometers.